Week #4- Learning Audio Storytelling in a week


In summary, This week was probably the most intense. What made the work harder is the Audacity. I have not used it before which made it really hard to figure things out. I did follow the link in noir106.us page to get help with it plus watching some tutorials on Youtube. The assignments decently involved being creative and some brain storming but in general they are doable. I would want to have more options under the audio assignments section that involves creating soundtracks more than recording my own voice. I will look up some ideas and share it with professors and on twitter soon.

Ds106 radio station was also one of the assignments that I actually had fun doing. I was there Thursday night from 9-10pm and I liked watching the class get active and all of us discussing one topic at the sometime. For the first time I noticed and got to know some class mates. Here are some of the tweets I had posted Thursday night about the programs that were running on the station.




Daily Creates

This week I was able to finish two daily creates that I have posted in pith my blog under Daily Create: Ruin-Porn Photography and  Puppy face


This picture is from Saudi Arabia- Tabuk. This is one of the oldest castles in The North part. It was built in 1868 and it was built from clay. It survived till now and this place is rich with history.FullSizeRender-12


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 9.53.49 PM


This picture was just right on time! My Birthday is coming up next weekend and I really felt this picture really represents me and my feelings not being able to celebrate my birthday! I hope this is not what is going to happen and I would at least have some fun!


Think about Audio Storytelling

Audio is very important in storytelling. In the mid 1900s people used to listen to the radio to follow up with their favorite TV shows or other programs. To deliver the image to the listener, audio is used with sounds effects. In noir films audio is important; for example the Touch of Evil opening shot had sounds effect almost through the whole part. Starting with the Clicking noise of the bomb, fast music, people laughing, car starting, people walking, and by the end, the bomb exploding causing fire and people screaming. All these events can be noticed by only listening without watching it on a screen happening.

Sounds drive stories because they either make or break it. Sounds are as important as the visuals because they both grab attention. Humans hear and they see things and scientifically sound travels faster. For example Raw Deal, a film noir from 1948 is one of the films that if a person can just listen without looking at the screen, he/she will still sense everything going on. Here is the movie in case you guys are interested.




Noir 106 Radio Station reflects of the readings from Radio Noir in the USA by Jesse Schlotterbeck. First the document talks about very important radio programs in the 1900s and when I listened to our radio channel on Thursday I was kind of surprised jumping from a thing to another but I guess know I know why. We got to touch different areas and different kinds of programs to make us ‘the students’ familiarized with different types of radio programs.




For the Audio assignments I did 8.5 starts and I have picked Sound Effects Story, Soundboard Conversation, and Imitate Some Weather

Here is a Summary of what I had for each one.

Sound Effects Story

My Character is Sara Sparkle. She was born in February 13, 1990 in New York City. Sara lives in Las Vegas and works as a professional dancer at  five star casino. She has a 2 year old daughter Ivy who lives with Sara’s mother in Brooklyn. Sara started dancing when she was 6 years old and this developed to be her carrier when she was 21 years old. She is very outgoing talented lady. She loves fashion and like to keep up. Her favorite colors are black and velvet. Keep up to get to know sara better!

I made the video based on a man who is looking for Sara. He walks on the grass in a quite night where he opens the door and inters the casino,  Jazz music starts playing. Then you can hear the beer bottle pouring in a glass, then you hear the music playing again and then the man leaves the casino after he found out Sara wasn’t working that night her shift, He leave and u hear the door closing.




Soundboard Conversation

I was in a phone call with Eddie Murphy. In case you don’t know who I’m talking about, Murphy is one of the top 5 comedians in United States. He is a Hollywood movie star and I protected I was in a phone call with him as a friend when he asked me to watch over his Ferrari. Wish that was happening for real though. I enjoyed the sound tracks that were captured from his movies on soundboard. Even though it was hard to pull off a story based on sound tracks but it was amazing. This was a fun assignment incase people are still wondering which one to pick.


Imitate Some Weather

This assignment was 1.5 stars. I had zero experience with this but I tried to make the sound of water dropping and windy day using some noise from my mouth and a laptop keyboard rubber. In total I used a bottle of water, a pencil, a keyboard rubber case to make a windy rainy day. Hope you enjoy it!


In conclusion, although this week’s assignments were tuff and a little hard to do, I actually enjoyed the challenge learning audio and audio editing and cannot to start making audios for my own character in the coming weeks. Hope you enjoyed my work!

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  1. If you want more options in the assignments, you can make your own assignments. It’s something you’ll have to do eventually anyway.

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