Week #3 – My Way of Life

This week’s work was based on visuals. It is the best week of assignments so far for me. I liked everything! Specially the Noir Safari Pictures we had to take. The part where we had to do 10 stars of the Visual assignments was fun. I liked making the random album cover and the abstract design. I think it was a lot of work for one week but I enjoyed them all.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 10.59.09 PM

I think this random album creation worked perfect for me. The picture and the title, but the singer name is a little weird. To make the picture look pretty I added the sparkly stars and it just goes with the overall album title. To make the over all picture look nice I changed the font color and type and made fillings. My Random Singer is awesome!

Here are the Links to the 4 assignments I did that have total of no less that 10 starts:

The daily creates these week were not interesting nor fun. I had fun making my own edition of 2048! Here is a snapshot of the game.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 6.44.50 PM

It was fun and I kept playing with it forgetting that I had to screenshot it and submit it. The other daily creates I felt like I was forced to do just because it is an assignment rather than fun. The two noir movies we had to watch and write about were pretty amazing. I like to watch old films and I had to save this assignment specifically for Friday night so I get to watch it with my friend. I enjoyed this week’s work for almost everything except the daily creates.



  • The two movies I picked to watch were Killer’s kiss and He Walked By Night. They are dark and dramatic. The films are so violent and sexual and the French inspirits that. There is a seen in the Killer’s Kiss film where the women was kidnaped and while her lover was trying to save her. He told one of the guys who kidnapped her to untie her. The guy who unties he bite her nick and they all attacked him. It shows love and violent in one seen. The other seen was from He Walked By Night where the movie begins with an officer being shot by another man who was asked to show his identification cards. The movie is dramatic and violent. And the whole movie is about finding the suspect. These are some examples of noir.


  • To see more of Noir Safari click on the link. I posted more than 5 pictures for this assignment some of which I have taken I while ago but felt they represent noir themes. Here are my top 3:

1.   That picture was taken at Catholic University’s church. I was with friends that day and It was raining and cloudy outside so we got locked up inside because of the weather. I guess what inspired me to chose this photo is how dark it was in the outside and the low lights in the inside inspired me to choose this picture. This is decorations at one of the windows on campus.









2. My noir cat! I went to my friend’s house this weekend to take pictured of her cat. You can see the dark and light colors on the picture to make the cat pop-out and the center of attention for the viewer. The cat’s eyes, nose, and mouth pop up. I think it is one of the best pictures I have taken for a cat so far.










3.This picture was taken for a cute dog on Virginia beach. The dog running on the beach and the shadow looks amazing. Makes the picture a perfect fit for noir with the dog’s outfit looking like late 1800s.






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