Week #1

Reading the article about Noir with reviewing the examples gave me a clear idea of noir film. Noir is a cinematic term used to describe Hollywood crime dramas. The attitudes in these types of movies are emphasizing ironic attitudes and sexual motivations.

The term noir was new to me but noir movies were not. As a child most of the cartoons I watched were noir. The hardest thin I found in this course is coming up with creative ideas to make the posts. The easiest thing is how easy it is to access information and do the work without the need of contacting about materials. Nothing that I can remember drove me crazy but maybe the video that had this week assignment was hard to follow with the noise; caused a lot of distractions. In the end I enjoyed everything about the assignment, making accounts, learning about noir, making short posts, and noir examples. Effective and helpful in terms of what we are doing in this course. I think this is the only class I’m taking that has a lot to do but at the same time I’m enjoying every part of it.

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