What I think about the principles and the creativity?

What I think about the principles and the creativity?

Design is a way to communicate with the viewer eyes without the possibility of using words.Massimo Vignelli focused in his booklet on how young designers have the lack of typographic principles. I agree with him that creativity needs the support of knowledge and the designer’s ability to preform and apply the methods. In pragmatics the writer talked about how we should look at designs and I agree with him based in personal experience.

I have made many designs for my internship the was for Hats, Heels & Ties where I designed their art work for procures and adds for the big event supporting kids with autism. I will make the design thinking that it is perfect and understandable but having a second eye looking at the design always helps identifying issues and fixing them before they go out. Discipline and appropriateness are also very important principles of design, details and the theme make the ending product valuable.

Vignelli also mentioned the visual power as a design principle. Choosing the right format, colors and sizes make the design pop-out to the viewer eyes. These are important but they are not everything to maintain visual power. For example, the layout of the materials also makes a good design. Visual strength is important in design and should not be confused with visual impact.

Identity and diversity is also a design principle that Vignelli talked about in his booklet. Too much diversity could break the design, and a little of it could make the design poor. Same goes to identity creates perceptive redundancy as Vignelli referred to it and it is an important term in design. Just the right amount of both Identity and diversity is the way to make a perfect design.

I think some of these principles take practice more than just reading about them. By applying the right amount of principles into the design such as balance, proportion, contrast, size, responsibility, sequence, and unity, the design can be outstanding an eye-catching. In the end it is all about the practice that will make a designer apply all the rules needed to make his pease the one that will bring him/ her to light.





The Vignelli Canon by Massimo Vignelli

Week  five reading assignment: http://noir106.us/weekly-assignments/week-5-the-design-of-noir/

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