Film Design

Double Indemnity

 Think about the built environment of Los Angeles in the 1940s, the 1990s for Lebowski, or, in the case of Blade Runner, 2019. How does space help frame the design and style of noir in these films? What design elements of noir are not specific to a particular time and place?

Based on the american film noir Double Indemnity, the built environment in the 1940s is very dark film in terms of the theme. The starting of the movie shows violent, dark theme, scary music, and noise as well. The guy with the hat and the long black jacket has wired personality and activities. The shadows in the movie represent noir and the way they images were delivered to viewers. The lightning techniques that were used make the image interesting but people might not notice them. For example showing only half of the actor’s face to represent the double personality. The way that the window shade in the actor’s face and wall. The wife was imaged as a dark, evil, fake, and unfaithful person by the way she smiles, dress, act, make up, accessories, and the wig she wears. The way the wife and walter meet and the way their faces are covered where he will be wearing a hat the whole time do the shadow of the hat covered his eyes. Walter walking on the dark and when he got to the car the reflection of his face in the mirror when his wife claimed to go check the car. The way they where sitting in the car and the dark lightning in her face. The way walter was walking on the train on the middle and he looked dark where the people seated to his left and right where light and their facial expressions are easy to view. All these are lightning techniques that were used to make it easy to reflect their characters and personality.



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