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Meeting with my X tonight before going to Groom’s Mother House -#8

So this afternoon I called my x who is also our private investigator to tell him the latest details.


He picked up the phone I said “Good afternoon Mick how are you?”

Mick “I’m good how are you Sara?” He said

“I’m ok and I need to tell you some updates on the case before our next move!”

Mick said “I think these details can’t be said over the phone and I kind of miss sitting down and listening to you talk so let’s meet @7 down in a coffee shop named “Kiss and Hide Cafe” on 3rd St. and you can tell me everything you want! How does that sound?”

“I think seven is perfect! So I will be there! Bye!”

I went to get ready and left the hotel to meet him at the Kiss and Hide Cafe

I walked in to the coffee shop and he was already sitting there.



He was already sitting there waiting for me! I walked down to him and told him all about the balloons and that we are going to Groom’s mother house in a couple of days because he was last seen there.


While talking to him I notice someone sitting at the cafe bar alone wearing a long jacket and a hat. I told Mick about him and that I have been followed around and this guy looks weird!




He told me to leave and if he follows me he will get to the bottom of this. I left and he followed me! I was scared because he followed me for a long time before Mick grabbed his arm and stopped him!



I ran away and got in a cab. I don’t know what happened with the two. I went back and waited for a call from Mick to tell me who he was and what happened!

sparkling At The hotel -#2

When Rose and I arrived at the hotel we checked in and we separated to go to our rooms. I was too tired from that long trip to California so I laid down on bed. Then I remembered we don’t have time to rest. We need to start our investigation right away. While I was reaching out for my handbag to get my planner, a card fill down from it! I reached out for the card and it says:

“I know you are Here!”

– Misha

I got scared! what is it suppose to mean? Why me? How he knows when I don’t even know who he is yet? Too many questions to Answer so I went ride ahead and dialed Rose’s room number and told her we need to meet in an hour to have dinner and discuss somethings important.

I went right ahead and started getting ready to meet Rose in the lobby and tell her all about it!

Follow up with us to know what happened next!