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Final Process with the Radio Show Project “The Noir Buzz”

Today we finalized the final edits of the project. It was really hard and took long to edit it since we are two members in the group only. Putting things together and recording it was hard but we were able to finish it up and pick the write music and commercials that relates to our characters. We had to rerecord something because of trouble with audacity but we figured it out and finished that project in 3 days! You guys should tune up after break to listen to it.



Radio show Process Summery 2

In today’s meeting, we finished the dialogs for the characters (host and guest). We made it interesting enough to make the characters share heir stories throughout the show and gossip about it. The music have been chosen based on the characters interests and to make it relate to the show. We are planing to meet Thursday to record and put together the final tips for the show. We might start the commercials tomorrow as well if we find enough time. So far we only to make sure that after we record the show it goes within the time limit since we only have 2 people working on this.


This was it for the show plaining and I think the group is doing a good job putting the thoughts in this.


Radio show Process Summery 1

Tuesday night, Dalina and I met through google hangout and planed the radio show in terms of who is the host and who are we featuring. and so we decided that Dalina’s character will be the host and my character will be the guest interviewed in the radio show. In the process we divided the commercials In terms of when are playing them during the radio. We also picked out the themes and what we are featuring in each commercial. We are planning to pick a famous song from the early 1900  to start the show with and end it as well.

The show will be mainly about the character but also we will give a breaking news to gossip about and a short weather break that the host will be doing.


We are planning to meet Wednesday afternoon to write the interview dialog and pick the song. We are also planing to start recording either Wednesday or Thursday.