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We Are getting there- Week 12 Summary

This week we have been posting updates through all our sites and our agency site! We have been posting and updating things on Flickr, Twitter as well as our blogs.

Here are the updates from this weeks posts




We recently got a request from Martha in our agency site to investigate and find out what happened with groom exactly.

What a perfect timing! our team was leaving to California anyways for a live show performance and we got Martha’s request so we had to leave earlier so we would have time to finish this.

I left New York City early morning and arrived at noon to meet Rose King “my agency partner” in the airport because she was coming from Tennessee. While we were at the airport about to leave I was getting some coffee. Rose whispered to me “Is this groom who just passed by?” I paid for my coffee and I looked around, but I was too late! She called his name”Groom!” But he didn’t answer. Rose wanted to follow him but we were too late for our hotel reservation check-in so we had to leave.


When Rose and I arrived at the hotel we checked in and we separated to go to our rooms. I was too tired from that long trip to California so I laid down on bed. Then I remembered we don’t have time to rest. We need to start our investigation right away. While I was reaching out for my handbag to get my planner, a card fill down from it! I reached out for the card and it says:

“I know you are Here!”

– Misha

I got scared! what is it suppose to mean? Why me? How he knows when I don’t even know who he is yet? Too many questions to Answer so I went ride ahead and dialed Rose’s room number and told her we need to meet in an hour to have dinner and discuss somethings important.

I went right ahead and started getting ready to meet Rose in the lobby and tell her all about it!

Follow up with us to know what happened next!



I met Rose at the hotel Lobby and we asked for a cab. While we were hiding out the hotel getting in the cab.

I noticed that the cap driver was giving us a creepy smile :/

So I whispered to Rose “The cab drive looks creepy”

He drives crazy but doesn’t look like grooms secret lover! we almost got into a car accident. :O We head to the restaurant called Noir Cuisine and while we were waiting for the food, I noticed some guy sitting behind Rose at another table. He keeps looking at us. I was a little scared and It was really distracting.

We talked about that letter that I got from Misha as I was handing the card to Rose. We though we will need help to do this. It is complicated and a little risky so  we decided to get help. I dated a guy  long time ago when I worked at the casino in LA. He was a private investigator. I gave his a call and he told us to meet him in an hour at the golden gate bridge in san Francisco. After we’re done eating we go and meet the guy 8pm.




We meet my x that night at the golden gate bridge in san Francisco. I was so scared looking out and watching if someone has been following us because since our arrival we have been getting in weird stuff. While I was busy looking around. Rose has been the one talking to him. She told him what’s been going on. I talked him about the guy at the restaurant. Rose tells the private investigator about what happened from the beginning of why we’re here and what has been going on so far. my-x ” the private investigator” asks us how he looks like, the weird guy that we keep seeing. We tell him how he looks like and he leaves to tell us  that he needs more information from us before he can do anything about it. We told him that we are scared and we have no time to waist. We also told him that this is all what we have. He walked away and  said “I will be looking into this. I will contact you as soon as I find something”

We left with a hope and we went back to the hotel to rest and see what will happen next.



I went to meet the person who gave me the letter and when I got to the main entrance. I saw a man standing and his back laying on the wall. I was scared I stopped and I didn’t get to close to the him.

I said “I assume it is you that sent the note since it is only the two of us here. What do you want?”

He looked at me from far and didn’t step any closer and said “Misha sent me.”

I got surprised. “What does he want?  Why he didn’t come himself? We came looking for him? can I meet him?”

He answered with only a couple of sentences “He said we should stop looking around and here is something for you,”

He handed me a letter and left. He was hiding his face and it was so hard to recognize his face!

I opened the envelope and it had an encrypted note. I went back to Rose since I was late and we had to preform together. When I got there I told her it was someone that Misha sent to meet me and told me to stop looking around for him and that he gave me a encrypted note that we had to break. I immediately called the private investigator and  gave it to him to help us and figure out what it says. He told us that he is telling us if want to find him, we need to use art!


Here is the encripted note!

Groom kidnapers ransom note



I met with Rose when she got down stage and she looked dizzy and tired. I asked her if she is ok but she thought it was from that dinner we had at the Noir Cosine! I got confused. If it is why am I ok and not feeling any pain at all.
.. I should her the note and we were able to break the encrypted message which told us that groom was safe. He’s only safe for now though. The clock continues to click and we’re running out of time… Luckily Misha doesn’t realize that I’m on the case looking for Groom. So as long as he doesn’t realize that i’m searching for Groom, there won’t be any set backs.

So the message says to find him we need to use ART…What does that mean anyways?…and noir is the place and comments will lead?

Recently Rose’s photographer showed her her photographs that he took while she was performing. She noticed balloons in one of the photos and she don’t think these balloons were for her. She was talking to him and looking at me saying “I think they were for you Sara!” I was surprised and what does that mean is it leading us to  something else! These balloons are definitely sending us a message! .ashley_tisdale_singing_hdtv-HD  They were like the balloons found in this photo  of Groom. balloons

After we decrypted the message we left to go back to our hotel. When we got to the hotel Rose’s photographer sent us another image he took of us when we left the concert…And this picture was like no other…






Whoever this person is!He seems to be toying around! :O He says in order to find Groom we need to use art. But why is he on our tracks?! really creepy! mostly me since Rose doesn’t seem to be the target! My guess is that we’re on a time limit. Either we find Groom first or this guy gets to us and groom is gone forever! :'(

Rose’s  photographer sent her this disturbing image. She came running to my hotel suite to show me.

man in back ground

“He was following You this whole time….We can’t let him think that I’m looking for Groom otherwise he’ll be after me too!” That what Rose told me and I definitely agree! He can’t know otherwise our whole plan is destroyed!

So we Started thinking and Rose said “Where could groom be?! Why would anyone be after him?” I never asked myself this question! All  what I was going for Who is Misha? and how does he know about me here and should I be worried about my life!

So the next day we planned to go to Groom’s mom’s house.. It was where he was last seen alive….

Apparently he was living there! This is so complicated but our next stop should be Groom’s mother house!



So this afternoon I called my x who is also our private investigator to tell him the latest details.


He picked up the phone I said “Good afternoon Mick how are you?”

Mick “I’m good how are you Sara?” He said

“I’m ok and I need to tell you some updates on the case before our next move!”

Mick said “I think these details can’t be said over the phone and I kind of miss sitting down and listening to you talk so let’s meet @7 down in a coffee shop named “Kiss and Hide Cafe” on 3rd St. and you can tell me everything you want! How does that sound?”

“I think seven is perfect! So I will be there! Bye!”

I went to get ready and left the hotel to meet him at the Kiss and Hide Cafe

I walked in to the coffee shop and he was already sitting there.



He was already sitting there waiting for me! I walked down to him and told him all about the balloons and that we are going to Groom’s mother house in a couple of days because he was last seen there.


While talking to him I notice someone sitting at the cafe bar alone wearing a long jacket and a hat. I told Mick about him and that I have been followed around and this guy looks weird!




He told me to leave and if he follows me he will get to the bottom of this. I left and he followed me! I was scared because he followed me for a long time before Mick grabbed his arm and stopped him!



I ran away and got in a cab. I don’t know what happened with the two. I went back and waited for a call from Mick to tell me who he was and what happened!

Progress Reports

We have been also posting updates on out twitter page! Click here to go the the main page! 

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We have been also retweeting into individual character updates that where posted in their personal blogs.

This investigation case is very stressful and anything is possible at this point but we are at the top of things! :)


Comments and Tweets


So I have been updating ds106 members on twitter using the 3 main hashtags and also retweeting other agency’s work. The tweets are embedded in an earlier tweet. Click here to go there!

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DS106 agencies are at the top of things! there are lots of things going on and many stories. Here are some of the posted I checked and commented in.


In our Agency Blog SparKling We have been posting updated about clue and evidence solving process and these links link to the main our blog posts with the updates:

These are all the updates for week 12 and more are coming up next week was we solve more clues as for right now I want to know three things:

  1. Who sent the balloons?
  2. Who has been following me and is related to our investigation?
  3. Why was Groom living with his mother before he got kidnaped? Does it have to do anything with the Misha?

Keep up to get the details next week follow our twitter accounts of keep up checking the posts to get to the bottom of this! We are scared and excited at the same time! Wish us luck :)


Sara’s tweets during investigation process!

So I have been updating ds106 members on twitter using the 3 main hashtags and also retweeting other agency’s work. Here are some of my tweets:


Some of the retweets on Fellow investigation updates:



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Inspired by Lauren Falkenstein Audio 4

Lauren’s Blog Post

I have been amazed by the work Lauren is doing specially this assignment. The way she advertised was amazing because she included everything a person want to know about our school to make them want to apply. It inspired me because it is obvious she spend so much time working on it and more planning. I’m inspired by the amount of work she put in there to make this a success.


Inspired by Gyeore Lee Video 3


I have been looking through today’s daily create and looking at other people work inspires us to do better! Gyeore’s video for today’s daily create assignment March 14, 2015. The level of profesincy in taking the video and the music theme is amazing and incradple. I always look at the best turned in assignment and try to do better to inspire myself to do better and Gyeore;s video was one of those. check her youtube or blog to find out!



Inspired by Thomas Baird Design 2

Counting Stars (Guess The Song)

This design he created is mazing because it is precise, accurate and simple. He explained his thought process in an organize manner of expression or detail. He did simple touches and edited photos by cutting images and applying them together using softwares. He inspired me to make the designs I will create later include my character image to get her out there more. I will also try to include images over each other and include them over each other and edit more not only with colors and themes but also cutting and inserting pictures together.


Inspired by Janelle Pierangelino Audio 1


I was Inspired by Janelle Pierangelino’s audio assignment. She picked a very common movie and the flaw of the story is creative and professional. The transitions in the recording are amazing! I did that same audio assignment and you guys can find it in the assignment bank under audio’s genre. Check out Janelle’s audio and visit her blog post here Visit Original