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Tuned in Thursday night!

I want to start saying Dinner Party at 6 radio show was a success! Amazing and interesting commercials and sound effects. The show was amazing. I couldn’t help not getting involved and wanting to listen more. I think the group collaborated well and wanted to make it a success and that is why it was. I really liked the sound effects on the dinner table and also the thunders. Very derma tic and noir also apply to the story very well.

On this same night The noir buzz show was tuned in in ds106radio I couldn’t help not being excited to see what others thought of it. I was on air after the show as well to talk about it. It was a really good night for me!

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MaNOIRpulators- A Big Ds106 Hit!

The story is amazing and has a story behind it that was definitely an issue for working women back in the early 1900s. I like how you can never now what is happening next in their story. I think it would have been more interesting if they gave some background on the man who is always trying to underestimate them and look at them in a sexual way. I liked the noircat commercial featuring cats food. It was creative and the background music was good.  love the sound effects used and some of them were used over each other which is very good! I think the noise of clicking between recording is a little weird and should have been cut out. It appears at different places throughout the show. In general the show is amazing and the way the characters were put together made the show seem real and lots of drama. Definitely a noir radio show! I think for people with very limited experience with radio show creations that was amazing and professional!

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Final Process with the Radio Show Project “The Noir Buzz”

Today we finalized the final edits of the project. It was really hard and took long to edit it since we are two members in the group only. Putting things together and recording it was hard but we were able to finish it up and pick the write music and commercials that relates to our characters. We had to rerecord something because of trouble with audacity but we figured it out and finished that project in 3 days! You guys should tune up after break to listen to it.



Radio show

In Wednesday night, we listened to Notorious film over ds106 radio station. I liked the film and I got really attached with the characters. Even though I got shocked many times by the characters behaviors but the film was very unique and outstanding. I liked the engagement with classmates that night on twitter. We were a small group but at the same we kept replying to each other and interact while enjoying. Last time it was harder because I couldn’t focus and listen to the show and at the same time tweet about it. I guess it just takes practice.

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