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Save Noddy!

Save Noddy!

While I was walking in Brooklyn after a late night practice, I was overwhelmed with a crazy week of work and lack of sleep I looked up and I saw Noddy falling from one of the buildings :O I was shucked! In the beginning I thought it was just me tired and not being able to focus so I started imagining stuff. I opened my arms cockily and got him. I couldn’t stop thinking who would do such a thing. In the end Noddy got saved and I was the catcher :) He is on safe hands now DS106 don’t worry everything is great!

I want to be ME!


what made me choose this to be my quote is how much I think about what I should do, how should act, and what I should wear, what I can buy and can’t, ect. I need to put an end to being worried what people will think of me or what will people will say if I did this or that. That is why I remind myself everyday that I’m special just the way I’m and just the way I want to be. I can eat what I want, dress the way I want, Lough the way I want, and go any where I want. I don’t need to worry about no one as long as I’m happy nothing else matters. The new me will always just be me!

15 Sec. Batman



I did this in 15 seconds but I have no idea why I did the hands and legs like that! :D I guess I was trying to be quick to make sure I get everything. I did a good job in terms of the face mask. I noticed I missed the most important part of his suit. :( I forgot the logo in the chest area of his suit. I’m sure if I had 2 more minutes I could have done a better job. I still think my 15 seconds Batman rocks! :)

BK Selfie



Here is my very fancy healthy breakfast meal. I’m going through a strict diet. I need to include greens and veggies and cut down carbs. As you noticed in the picture I have one piece of wheat bird and an egg with fat free cheese, and a tabulla. I tried to make it as fancy as possible. but here is my BK selfie ;)

Shutter speed Pro


It seems like winter doesn’t want to let go this year! An hour ago, and while I was outside with friends in this cold weather, we decided to have BBQ for dinner. While we were outside setting up the place and the starting up fire I decided to take this photo to represent my Shutter speed picture. I used Nikon D5100 for this picture. I tried to do it with my iPhone but I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I switched to the camera. I hope you guys like it :)

My dream Staircase

Dream Stairs


So this daily create is to draw a staircase that has my goal/ dream at the top. I always think of happiness and how to reach happiness. The way I see it is that happiness is reached by having the basics in life. I’m still at the beginning of the staircase. I will graduate from UMW this May and this will move me up a step. I’m already looking for a job and I still believe that as I move up the staircase I will be happier each time. I just hope that by the end I will stay healthy and have a successful life around my family and friends. It is good to dream big but I like to be realistic and go bigger from their.

Groom kidnapers ransom note! Should we be worried

I loved the idea of this daily create kind of different and it relates to what has been going on in the weekly videos in Noir106 page and in twitter. The main key in their note was “art” I think this is what they where trying to say but in my own ransom note! I don’t know what will happen to groom since they didn’t give any clues but I think we will know more in the coming weeks.

I like this!  getting interesting!

Groom kidnapers ransom note

Things that Makes Me Laugh Out Load!

Todays daily create is to make a video with things that makes me laugh out load and upload it to Youtube. Basically the things that make me laugh are common and mostly online. If I’m not studying or hanging out with friends, I’m on social media sites watching funny videos, pictures, or watching TV shows. I only watch funny TV shows which makes me laugh out load. Grumpy cat is my favorite when it comes to funny pictures and they have lots of them in Facebook and tumbler. Instagram videos and pictures are funny as well. I have included some example and I made sure you can see the usernames for these accounts so you can check out more of their posts. I hope you find these funny! :)


Your favourite moment in the past week


Your favourite moment in the past week

Last week during spring break I was not able to travel and go outside of Virginia but I did use my time doing fun and relaxing activities. I did a lot of things but one of the things that I enjoyed the most is painting. I have been painting and made lots of sketches. I’m not that talented when it comes to drawing but painting is one of my hobbies. I will be sharing some of my paintings later on flicker. You guys should decently check them out and give me feedback!