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Think about Audio Storytelling

Audio is very important in storytelling. In the mid 1900s people used to listen to the radio to follow up with their favorite TV shows or other programs. To deliver the image to the listener, audio is used with sounds effects. In noir films audio is important; for example the Touch of Evil opening shot had sounds effect almost through the whole part. Starting with the Clicking noise of the bomb, fast music, people laughing, car starting, people walking, and by the end, the bomb exploding causing fire and people screaming. All these events can be noticed by only listening without watching it on a screen happening.

Sounds drive stories because they either make or break it. Sounds are as important as the visuals because they both grab attention. Humans hear and they see things and scientifically sound travels faster. For example Raw Deal, a film noir from 1948 is one of the films that if a person can just listen without looking at the screen, he/she will still sense everything going on. Here is the movie in case you guys are interested.




Noir 106 Radio Station reflects of the readings from Radio Noir in the USA by Jesse Schlotterbeck. First the document talks about very important radio programs in the 1900s and when I listened to our radio channel on Thursday I was kind of surprised jumping from a thing to another but I guess know I know why. We got to touch different areas and different kinds of programs to make us ‘the students’ familiarized with different types of radio programs.