Summary of the case and what happened with Groom!

Groom and Misha both lived in CA at once when they were a part of a Mafia Group. Groom turned Misha to the police and Misha survey for a while there! During that time, Groom moved got married and moved to VA to start his new job at UMW. When Misha go out of jail he found out the news and planned everything with the mafia group for a payback. Got a job at UMW DS106 radio and worked in the Technology center where Groom is! They went together to CA to visit their old friends “The Mafia Group” and this was when Groom found out something unusual is happening. Misha attacked Groom and Groom doesn’t remember any of that because he didn’t think Misha would ever hurt him or the mafia Group. He kidnaped him and got his payback! But he felt bad afterword and send Groom a Valentine Card. This is when Groom was hidden all that time in air Ballon in UMW. The air balloon was found over the ITCC “This was the place for art” and the key was the letter!

SparKling Agency did an amazing job figuring the case in Such a short time!

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