We Have Updates! – #14

Misha got out of jail to and found out the Groom got a job at UMW and moved to VA. When he found out Misha and Groom had been  separated since Misha went to jail. Misha was the mental case that  got let out of jail and was in the news article that Rose read a long time ago. She read it around December 2014 and they made an update that he is still harmful. Groom made his Mafia group disappointed on him because he had turned Misha to the police for something Misha did and the mafia group agreed on but Groom corrupted the plan.

Mafia pic


When Misha Got of jail he was looking for payback and that is when  he looked and followed Groom up to UMW and worked For DS106 radio. Groom didn’t know that Misha was looking for a payback and he helped him by recommending him to the Technology center at UMW.



When Groom went to see his old friends” Mafia Group” this is when Misha went all crazy and kidnapped him

Scared Groom

The eagle wing in the letter, noir cat, and the balloon will still need to be figured out! We have to find Misha to help us with this!




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