Think Sparkling THINK! – #13

With all the stuff we found

We set down that night and we were looking for a way to tie all these clues together

Working on the case

In the letter Misha sent it has the date and the City it was sent

Which is Los Anglos, January 28, 2015



Letter to UMW with a wing in to top left part.



Valentine card with noir cat as a joker


Groom looks scared in the same time Misha looks very threatening

Scared Groom

In this picture Groom does look normal in the middle of all creepy looks in the group picture! Our investigator noticed that some people in the image with groom were in the mafia as well. The mafia turned against groom because they found out he put Misha in jail.

Mafia pic

At this point we know that Misha is the kidnapper and that the mafia helped  kidnap Groom..Where he is? What exactly happened?

Thats what we are trying to figure out now!


It has been a long day trying to clean this miss and sort clues to find out. We had to call it a day since we figured many things but we also have an event to get ready for and we are already exhausted!

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