Misha at the Casino-#12


We got in a Cab and went to I used to work there before I quited and I have dated the manger so I took the deck of cards to his office and asked if he know who had it ……



He told me a guy started working with us who just got out of jail in the past month or two and he gave me his Misha’s contact information

I was hidden to the door “Sara” the manager said to get my attention

“He is working today if you wanna see him. He will be down in the bar” He said

I smiled and I thanked him. I had to go worn Rose. 



Rose was down in the casino bar. Getting a drink when Misha came and stood next to he

They were talking about how she lost her keys and he told her to “Maybe someone is hiding from you.”

Rose said “Where would they hide it?”

“You want to know where the best place to hide stuff at?”

Rose said “where?”

“A balloon!” He said


I walked toward her to get her attention while she was busy talking to a guy and as soon as I got closer to them Misha ran away in the crowed!

Rose did a smart move by getting to the point and asking Misha about where he would hide stuff.

We have enough info by now! we are planning to put all this together tonight! Rose It will a big night!

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