Meeting with Mick-#11

We set up a meeting time with Mick the private investigator and we took all the evidence we had and the new ones we have collected with us. 

My bag


Deck of card belong to a casino! What a small world!!! I don’t know how never accord to me!! I was working there maybe If I go they can help us!!!


Mick and Rose agreed. Mick said I cannot go alone! and Rose offered to come. I was happy but I remembered something. I told her we can’t be seen there together incase someone would follow me. There is a big chance Misha will now we are working together. she said she will go with me but set away from me.

While I was looking the evidence over I noticed something on the letter Misha sent to Groom. a bird’s wing in the top right. What could that possibly mean?




I wanted to get for more clues but Rose and I had to go to the Casino. We called for a cab to head there


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