Groom’s Twitter Account-#10

Last night I but l got all the evidence on the desk and started connecting things to help us solve this case faster! I don’t know how long we will be able to stay in California and have to go to New York for work meetings. time was passing quick and we didn’t have a lot of time to waist.




I was into something so I got my computer to use the internet and I went on twitter and I was updating ds106 folks with the investigation process that my agency is doing. My first tweet was 

Groom tweeted back and I was happy that he replied and kept talking to get something that would help us.  I went through his tweets to look for things that can help us!

But he doesn’t know where he is. He says he is in a “dark place”!

What is that supposed to mean?

How should we solve this?

Mick phone call

I called Mick our private investigator and told I told him I have new updates and need to meet him. 

We have a lot of evidence we just need to move faster and start connecting them!

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