Groom We are Here! – #16

We got back to Virginia after we arrested Misha. Finally, after hours of putting stuff together we went to UMW


So we gathered all our evidence and tried to connect the dots…

To find where he is exactly in UMW, we had to figure out two things Misha did

Saying that “Balloons are the best place to hide something” and the wing that was in the upper side of the letter meant that something was in the air. Joker card meant that Misha was toying with us.

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.33.21 PM


WE FOUND GROOM!! He was hidden in the air balloon above the ITCC building at UMW!


Misha really knows how to get his pay back poor Groom he is not ok and we had to call 911 and get him to the hospital… He doesn’t look okay!




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