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Misha tried to poison Sara Sparkle!

I was in my dressing room backstage getting ready for my dance performance when someone knocked the door claiming he was from the bar. I was too busy finishing my look before going to stage and a drink sounded just what I need so I said thank you! Can you put it in the table.


Rose came in screening “Sara Don’t!” I turned and I saw Misha and Rose spilled the drink “He was trying to kill you, That drink has poison in it!” It was close to the time where Misha thought I was getting to close to figuring out where Groom is, so this was Misha’s move to stop me! by poisoning me! At that moment I was sure it was him who kidnapped Groom and wanted to hurt him. He found me in the dressing room and new that SparKling concert was going to be set at the Kiss & Hide event! Misha tried to poison me so I would stop trying to save Groom and he can get his payback. Rose walked in and attacked Misha from the back and dropped the glass he was going to that he was to make me drink. Then police got involved and Misha finally said “the key is art and where the key is you will find Groom.”

Groom Handcuffed





We Have Updates! Clues are connected!

Misha got out of jail to and found out the Groom got a job at UMW and moved to VA. When he found out Misha and Groom had been  separated since Misha went to jail. Misha was the mental case that  got let out of jail and was in the news article that Rose read a long time ago. She read it around December 2014 and they made an update that he is still harmful. Groom made his Mafia group disappointed on him because he had turned Misha to the police for something Misha did and the mafia group agreed on but Groom corrupted the plan.

Mafia pic


When Misha Got of jail he was looking for payback and that is when  he looked and followed Groom up to UMW and worked For DS106 radio. Groom didn’t know that Misha was looking for a payback and he helped him by recommending him to the Technology center at UMW.



When Groom went to see his old friends” Mafia Group” this is when Misha went all crazy and kidnapped him

Scared Groom

The eagle wing in the letter, noir cat, and the balloon will still need to be figured out! We have to find Misha to help us with this!




Progress Report: We’re on a lead

The girls were at Groom’s mother’s house and they stumbled up a deck of cards.


We were enjoying our conversation with her. She allowed us into Groom’s room. Here we found the deck of cards.Sara’s ex-boyfriend was in the mafia and said Groom was known to be “The Groomster”…He was the head of the mafia.




SparKling girls were able to get into contact with Groom via Twitter. He doesn’t know where he is. Rose pointed out that his voice sounds like it has helium in it.


The girls met up with the investigator. The investigator was able to tell them that the deck of cards are made from a casino on an Indian reservation in Barona, California. Unfortunately, SparKling wasn’t able to go to the casino at that time. We didn’t want Misha thinking that we were following too close in he investigation.



Sara spoke with her ex boyfriend (the manager) and was able to find out that the deck belonged to Misha and that he was let out of jail several months ago. Rose spoke with Misha face to face. Misha didn’t know who Rose was and told her that the best place a person would hide anything is in a balloon.




Our Media

Our Primary Media will be based on images and design.

Our three supplemental media will be audio, video, and photography.

We chose these three because we thought it would be a good way to aid our images.

These medias will provide a way to investigate and give our audience an understanding in what’s going on.


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