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First meal in California -#3

I met Rose at the hotel Lobby and we asked for a cab. While we were hiding out the hotel getting in the cab.

I noticed that the cap driver was giving us a creepy smile :/

So I whispered to Rose “The cab drive looks creepy”

He drives crazy but doesn’t look like grooms secret lover! we almost got into a car accident. :O We head to the restaurant called Noir Cuisine and while we were waiting for the food, I noticed some guy sitting behind Rose at another table. He keeps looking at us. I was a little scared and It was really distracting.

We talked about that letter that I got from Misha as I was handing the card to Rose. We though we will need help to do this. It is complicated and a little risky so  we decided to get help. I dated a guy  long time ago when I worked at the casino in LA. He was a private investigator. I gave his a call and he told us to meet him in an hour at the golden gate bridge in san Francisco. After we’re done eating we go and meet the guy 8pm.



Who are we?

Rose King is a Country music artist from Tennessee and Sara Sparkle is a talented dancer. They collaborated together in a formal event and now together they are SparKling.

What we do? 

We do live events all around The United States. You can find out more click Here!

When we Started?

Our agency is still new and we have only done few events! We are looking for something bigger than this and we believe is just the start! We know it will be more than just a national agency. It will be global in no time! :D


SparKling Mission Statement



“Our mission is to spread love and happiness all around our country in a professional way.”


“We will be the world largest performance group and spread our cultures and traditions”


  • We encourage innovation.
  • We take responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction.
  • We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, and efficient live performance Group.
  • Make a difference in the way art is delivered to the audience.
  • Being accountable and cheerful group.


We Hope that one day no matter where we will be, this agency with be number 1! 


Dreamer or Quitter QUIZ!

I have been question myself a lot lately wither I’m a dreamer or a quitter based on events on my life! I found out I’m not a quitter!

I want to share this life events with fellow class mates since we are starting our agencies and we are so excited! Take this short quiz and share what you get with us :)

I’m sure all questions apply to everyone!


Here is the link


Dancing in NYC Streets

When I think of dancing, I think of joy and it makes me happy, and if I’m happy and I do it right it will also bring my audience joy and happiness. Dancing in NYC street wasn’t my dream or my only option, I’m doing it for me! My body is my tool and my tool needs to be used otherwise I’m either going to forget how to use it or it will stop working because I haven’t used it for so long. This is why I chose to do this.  I always see great art performances in streets every where I go. I never thought of doing it. My fist morning in NYC after I have left LA was very missy because I have no clue if my plan of getting the job  will work. As I was walking down the in Central Park, A lady dancing was looking at me and telling me to stop and watch. I was impressed by her moves and I know she could be else where getting paid a lot for what she does. but she never quit smiling that whole time I was there. I started dancing with her. I noticed how happy I was and I knew that it doesn’t matter where I’m dancing, what is important is that I’m happy. This is when I started dancing on the streets. I have preformed 3 general types of dancing and placed a song over it that would fit all 3 styles. I did jazz classic dancing, belly dancing, and Flaminco. Enjoy!



Week 9 Summary- Getting Into Film Making

This week was full of joy! I had to many good mementos in this class this week starting with daily creates, listening to my radio show live, and making the videos! It was interesting learning some cinematic tricks and techniques from famous hollywood films.

This week I have done 

  • 2 Daily creates
  • Wrote a final reflection on the radio show
  • Participated on twitter with classmates radio show and tweeted along.
  • Learned how to read a movie
  • Video Essay
  • 8 stars of video assignments
  • Setup a category for my character Sara Sparkle
  • 10 comments on other classmates’ blogs

Daily Creates:


Dream Stairs



So this daily create is to draw a staircase that has my goal/ dream at the top. I always think of happiness and how to reach happiness. The way I see it is that happiness is reached by having the basics in life. I’m still at the beginning of the staircase. I will graduate from UMW this May and this will move me up a step. I’m already looking for a job and I still believe that as I move up the staircase I will be happier each time. I just hope that by the end I will stay healthy and have a successful life around my family and friends. It is good to dream big but I like to be realistic and go bigger from their.



It seems like winter doesn’t want to let go this year! An hour ago, and while I was outside with friends in this cold weather, we decided to have BBQ for dinner. While we were outside setting up the place and the starting up fire I decided to take this photo to represent my Shutter speed picture. I used Nikon D5100 for this picture. I tried to do it with my iPhone but I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I switched to the camera. I hope you guys like it :)



Listening to my show live Thursday night felt amazing. Checking what people are talking about and what they thought of it was good. Hearing positive feedback felt good as eel. Even though I had so much trouble in the beginning with setting up things and trying to figure out ideas with a 2 people team. The challenge was big but with time it was easier and less stressful. What I might do differently if I had chance maybe add another part to the show with a more questions to the show when interviewing Sara. I would also add a third member which would help a lot with collaborating and giving good ideas. The most thing I enjoyed about this video is coming up with the idea, writing up the dialog between the two characters, looking up sound tracks and recording. The hardest thing about this project was reaching people in the team and finding a way to reach each individual member to keep them updated. Some preferred emails, others wanted to use twitter and google docs, but even then I had hard time reaching them.

Future DS106 students,

Try to collaborate with other classmates and yourself and other students to meet you and get to know you from the beginning. Don’t wait up till you get an assignment to do so!   It will be a lot harder by then. Try to have fun as much as you can with these assignments. Don’t think of them as assignments but think of them as a way to develop skills that you want to have. Give it enough time to make it success. Most important advice. Don’t wait until the weekend to do assignments but start looking at things from the beginning of the week and divide the work based on your schedule. Promise if you do this you will get a good grade and have fun ! :)



I want to start saying Dinner Party at 6 radio show was a success! Amazing and interesting commercials and sound effects. The show was amazing. I couldn’t help not getting involved and wanting to listen more. I think the group collaborated well and wanted to make it a success and that is why it was. I really liked the sound effects on the dinner table and also the thunders. Very derma tic and noir also apply to the story very well.

On this same night The noir buzz show was tuned in in ds106radio I couldn’t help not being excited to see what others thought of it. I was on air after the show as well to talk about it. It was a really good night for me!

If you want to check out my tweets! please click in here! to visit the actual blog post :)




This is a part that wasn’t required but I wanted to take notice from this amazing article “How to Read a Movie” and the videos with the different cinematic techniques.

In the first article where Roger talks about how to read a movie I have found different ways in how the camera angle, where the characters stand, the way they are facing the camera lens, and many other details show a lot about the character personalty and how it is attached to the scene. There were many new information to me that I have never heard before. For example he talked about how right is positive and left is negative. and what he meant is that if a character stands in the right, that character is a good person and such. On the other hand if the character is standing in the left this means he or she is a bad person. .There are many other techniques which are implied in the article that are used a lot but us as viewers notice but don’t know anything about the techniques and such.

I have watched some editing techniques in one of the video “Examples of Editing Techniques” like jump cut, Form cut, flash cut, fast motion, Tempo/Rhythm etc. All these are different transition types when going from a seen to another. The most common one is the rhythm transition and this is the one used in films and movies. Every film and or a movie include transitions but some are fast so we don’t notice their existence but they are still used.


Another video I watched is the “Top 20 Cinematic Techniques Part 1” These techniques are used to give the story extra strength. These effects either make the scene more interesting or it might loose its power. Some of the techniques that were in Oscar Feiven video are: Steadicam, Extreme Establishing shot, Establishing shot, Pan, Low Angle Shot, etc. All these techniques are used to give the scene more power and give it some sense of reality.

The third video I watched titled “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”  shows the pure cinematic which is the assembly of film and he talked about how it can be change to create a different idea. He shows how a character’s smile can mean different thing and 2 parts of a film can change viewers reaction about the character of the old man. So film scenes and parts can describe a lot of thing to the viewer and this technique can change a film a lot. Adding simple character reaction can tell us a lot about who is this characters? Is he/she good or bad? And other questions viewer would want to find answers for in a film.




I have made a chretical analysis in this scene from the film “Kiss Me Deadly” I used what I have read from  “How to Read a Movie” article and also the different videos from Youtube.

This is a 1 minute scene that I had to slow down so I can describe as much as possible of the different cinematography techniques used in this scene. The camera shots was a big part. Positivity and Negativity appear throw out the seen. Viewer could tell the type of relationship the characters have with each other just by looking at this short scene. This is why techniques are important in films. Here is the Video  Essay I created to kind of summaries the scene techniques.

To check out the video click here! to go to the actual post :)


8 Stars of Video Assignments


This is a 4 stars assignment and it should include clips from artists live performances and make them into a music video! I have spent at least 5 hours making this video. I chose this video assignment because it is the best way to describe my character and get her out there more. It gives a short summery for her professional dancing level and show how much she is attached to this type of art. I chose different techniques of dancing for each part of the video to kind of show how professional she is. I have chose to split each of the photos with a video and then go back to a photo just to rest the viewer eye and give a hint about the next technique used. There were lots of edits to  include it terms of video or picture lightening and and also how fast the video is. I chose this song because it represent love and it is classic fast and slow kind of song which goes well with the videos. I had to change some parts to match what the dance flows like. To see the video click here! to go to the actual post.



This is a 4 star assignment to create a trailer for a Tv show of my choice. I picked How I Met Your Mother. It is by far the most amazing TV show I have watched. I enjoyed making this video and trying to remember funny scenes, look them up, download them and cut parts and past it to create the trailer you will watch. I used I movie to edit, cut and add transitions. It took a long time but it was defiantly worth it. It is amazing how I still find these scenes funny and laugh over and over as I was doing this. Here you go and enjoy! :D

To watch the trailer click here to visit the actual post.




I have made 10 comments in my fellow students blogs and noticed some pretty amazing work. I have also given feedback and some techniques to consider. Here are the links to the comments pages.

I have created a character category and filled out the form and upload it. I have also put all posts related to my character under that category. Click here to visit :)

This was everything for week nine of video assignment and I defiantly learned lots of techniques and learned how to look at films in different ways and appreciate cinematography! Hope you enjoyed my work and feel free to give feed back!


Inspired by Gyeore Lee Video 3


I have been looking through today’s daily create and looking at other people work inspires us to do better! Gyeore’s video for today’s daily create assignment March 14, 2015. The level of profesincy in taking the video and the music theme is amazing and incradple. I always look at the best turned in assignment and try to do better to inspire myself to do better and Gyeore;s video was one of those. check her youtube or blog to find out!

What’s In Your Bag?




As you can tell, I cannot travel without my makeup. always in my bag. The tissues are a must. I always need to make sure I have two different lip steak colors. Foundation powder and blush. I also have a small size sunscreen although with this weather, I don’t think I will be using it any time soon.

I also have my headphones, external battery and charger usb cable. These will keep me entertained at all times. The external battery helps me have enough charge for 3 days at least. I need my headphones to listen to music when walking around campus. Last but not least, my cellphone. These are the must have in my purse at all times.


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Reflect on Noir and Visual Storytelling

The two movies I picked to watch were Killer’s kiss and He Walked By Night. They are dark and dramatic. The films are so violent and sexual and the French inspirits that. There is a seen in the Killer’s Kiss film where the women was kidnaped and while her lover was trying to save her. He told one of the guys who kidnapped her to untie her. The guy who unties he bite her nick and they all attacked him. It shows love and violent in one seen. The other seen was from He Walked By Night where the movie begins with an officer being shot by another man who was asked to show his identification cards. The movie is dramatic and violent. And the whole movie is about finding the suspect. These are some examples of noir.



I started taking photos six years ago and what made it easy is the new smart phones technology that allowed almost anyone to have access to a camera; sooner I bought my first professional camera Nikon D5100. Since then I go every weekend around downtown DC and take photos or to the Rappahannock River in Fredericksburg. Taking photos is not only a habit, but also one of my favorite hobbies that I enjoy doing more than anything else. I used to take photos in anything that is pleasant appealing to my eyes, but thin I noticed that photography is not just about capturing pictures; it is about capturing a story that leaves the viewer with lots of thought and wonders. Becoming a Better Photographer from 106 handbooks mentions that as will. Anyone can take photos but not anyone can grab the viewer’s attention with the piece they capture. I think the most important tactic that I need to improve to take good pictures is to use Time-Lapse at the right time. Time-Laps is a tactic and feature that is known among photographers. Apple offers that features in its latest additions of iPhone, iPod and iPad. Which gives the photo taker the ability to take an action that happens in a much longer time to make it appear faster such as sunset and sunrise, dog jumping.



Short Story with random words and animal(s)

Write What You Cannot Say

Once upon a time, in a far land where only Birds live. There was a Caregiver chicken who was hired to take care of the old poet duck and make sure he is stable and take his painkillers on time.

“Can I get you anything before I live. Mr.Duck” Chicken said while getting ready to leave.

Mr.Duck did not reply;

“Mr.Duck  you need to talk! I’m afraid this will not help with your sickness” Chicken said worried.

Mr.Duck looked at the Chicken and shaker his head to tell her he does not need anything.

” Okay Mr.Duck I’m gonna leave you know but I promise if you just go back and start writing poems again, you will feel better and decontaminate” Chicken continued”I left your notebook and a pen at the table next to you, you might want to start tonight.”

When the Chicken left the Duck alone that night dusk was falling, and it was raining hard. Mr.Duck kept staring at the rain falling from the window facing his bed.

He looked at the notebook and started Writing,

“The colors she brought to my life, 

The joy to brought to my home,

The happiness she brought to my life,

Because of you I write again,

Because of you I want to live again,

Take me in your hands…

Love me with your heart…

your soul…

and your eyes…

Lovesick Duck!”

Mr.Duck that night closed his eyes and never opened them back again…



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Random Words are: Caregiver, Poet, Chicken, Duck, Painkiller, Decontamination, Colors, Happy, Lovesick, Because