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We Found Groom! Case Closed! – Week#13 Summary

As always, we did it! Sparkling figured out the whole thing and here is a  summary of the Story…

Groom and Misha both lived in CA at once when they were a part of a Mafia Group. Groom turned Misha to the police and Misha survey for a while there! During that time, Groom moved got married and moved to VA to start his new job at UMW. When Misha go out of jail he found out the news and planned everything with the mafia group for a payback. Got a job at UMW DS106 radio and worked in the Technology center where Groom is! They went together to CA to visit their old friends “The Mafia Group” and this was when Groom found out something unusual is happening. Misha attacked Groom and Groom doesn’t remember any of that because he didn’t think Misha would ever hurt him or the mafia Group. He kidnaped him and got his payback! But he felt bad afterword and send Groom a Valentine Card. This is when Groom was hidden all that time in air Ballon in UMW. The air balloon was found over the ITCC “This was the place for art” and the key was the letter!

SparKling Agency did an amazing job figuring where Groom is and closing the case in Such a short time!

Here are the process details and other updates regarding the case


By this time we’re back in Los Angeles, California..After finding the man in the background Rose and I were on our way to Groom’s mother’s house to find more clues. As we approach the house we see his mother out gardening. We walk towards and she welcomes us in her home. While we’re in her home she offers us cookies and tea. The atmosphere in the house felt dry, lonely, and dark. It’s as if there hasn’t been much going on since Groom disappeared. She was so happy and thrilled to see us and this shows from hospitality. It seems long since the last time someone visited her after Groom’s disappearance.


To read more klick here!


Last night I but l got all the evidence on the desk and started connecting things to help us solve this case faster! I don’t know how long we will be able to stay in California and have to go to New York for work meetings. time was passing quick and we didn’t have a lot of time to waist.




I was into something so I got my computer to use the internet and I went on twitter and I was updating ds106 folks with the investigation process that my agency is doing. My first tweet was

Groom tweeted back and I was happy that he replied and kept talking to get something that would help us.  I went through his tweets to look for things that can help us!

To read more klick here!



We set up a meeting time with Mick the private investigator and we took all the evidence we had and the new ones we have collected with us.

My bag

Deck of card belong to a casino! What a small world!!! I don’t know how never accord to me!! I was working there maybe If I go they can help us!!!

To read more klick here!


We got in a Cab and went to I used to work there before I quited and I have dated the manger so I took the deck of cards to his office and asked if he know who had it ……


To read more klick here!


With all the stuff we found

We set down that night and we were looking for a way to tie all these clues together

Working on the case

To read more klick here!


Misha got out of jail to and found out the Groom got a job at UMW and moved to VA. When he found out Misha and Groom had been  separated since Misha went to jail. Misha was the mental case that  got let out of jail and was in the news article that Rose read a long time ago. She read it around December 2014 and they made an update that he is still harmful. Groom made his Mafia group disappointed on him because he had turned Misha to the police for something Misha did and the mafia group agreed on but Groom corrupted the plan.

Mafia pic

When Misha Got of jail he was looking for payback and that is when  he looked and followed Groom up to UMW and worked For DS106 radio. Groom didn’t know that Misha was looking for a payback and he helped him by recommending him to the Technology center at UMW.


 To read more klick here!


I was in my dressing room backstage getting ready for my dance performance when someone knocked the door claiming he was from the bar. I was too busy finishing my look before going to stage and a drink sounded just what I need so I said thank you! Can you put it in the table.


Rose came in screening “Sara Don’t!” I turned and I saw Misha and Rose spilled the drink “He was trying to kill you, That drink has poison in it!” It was close to the time where Misha thought I was getting to close to figuring out where Groom is, so this was Misha’s move to stop me! by poisoning me! At that moment I was sure it was him who kidnapped Groom and wanted to hurt him. He found me in the dressing room and new that SparKling concert was going to be set at the Kiss & Hide event! Misha tried to poison me so I would stop trying to save Groom and he can get his payback. Rose walked in and attacked Misha from the back and dropped the glass he was going to that he was to make me drink. Then police got involved and Misha finally said “the key is art and where the key is you will find Groom.”

Groom Handcuffed


 To read more klick here!


We got back to Virginia after we arrested Misha. Finally, after hours of putting stuff together we went to UMW

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8.33.21 PM

Read more click here!


DS106 community I want to say thank you for your hard work! I like how each agency came up with their own way to solve the case. Either following evidence or hiding evidence giving in places. Working backward was fun! I got to see other agencies working on our same case and very matching clue matching style and story lines match too! We are very noir in style. Very dramatic, Violent, and romantic stories. Here are some of the amazing sites I visited:


Tweets Week#13

Here are the Tweets For this week starting with trying to get Groom to talk and ending with closing the case!

Click here to go to all tweets! 



Now we are off to work on a UMW senior who will commit suicide because of too much work and stress and we have to stop her :)

Summary of the case and what happened with Groom!

Groom and Misha both lived in CA at once when they were a part of a Mafia Group. Groom turned Misha to the police and Misha survey for a while there! During that time, Groom moved got married and moved to VA to start his new job at UMW. When Misha go out of jail he found out the news and planned everything with the mafia group for a payback. Got a job at UMW DS106 radio and worked in the Technology center where Groom is! They went together to CA to visit their old friends “The Mafia Group” and this was when Groom found out something unusual is happening. Misha attacked Groom and Groom doesn’t remember any of that because he didn’t think Misha would ever hurt him or the mafia Group. He kidnaped him and got his payback! But he felt bad afterword and send Groom a Valentine Card. This is when Groom was hidden all that time in air Ballon in UMW. The air balloon was found over the ITCC “This was the place for art” and the key was the letter!

SparKling Agency did an amazing job figuring the case in Such a short time!

We Are getting there- Week 12 Summary

This week we have been posting updates through all our sites and our agency site! We have been posting and updating things on Flickr, Twitter as well as our blogs.

Here are the updates from this weeks posts




We recently got a request from Martha in our agency site to investigate and find out what happened with groom exactly.

What a perfect timing! our team was leaving to California anyways for a live show performance and we got Martha’s request so we had to leave earlier so we would have time to finish this.

I left New York City early morning and arrived at noon to meet Rose King “my agency partner” in the airport because she was coming from Tennessee. While we were at the airport about to leave I was getting some coffee. Rose whispered to me “Is this groom who just passed by?” I paid for my coffee and I looked around, but I was too late! She called his name”Groom!” But he didn’t answer. Rose wanted to follow him but we were too late for our hotel reservation check-in so we had to leave.


When Rose and I arrived at the hotel we checked in and we separated to go to our rooms. I was too tired from that long trip to California so I laid down on bed. Then I remembered we don’t have time to rest. We need to start our investigation right away. While I was reaching out for my handbag to get my planner, a card fill down from it! I reached out for the card and it says:

“I know you are Here!”

– Misha

I got scared! what is it suppose to mean? Why me? How he knows when I don’t even know who he is yet? Too many questions to Answer so I went ride ahead and dialed Rose’s room number and told her we need to meet in an hour to have dinner and discuss somethings important.

I went right ahead and started getting ready to meet Rose in the lobby and tell her all about it!

Follow up with us to know what happened next!



I met Rose at the hotel Lobby and we asked for a cab. While we were hiding out the hotel getting in the cab.

I noticed that the cap driver was giving us a creepy smile :/

So I whispered to Rose “The cab drive looks creepy”

He drives crazy but doesn’t look like grooms secret lover! we almost got into a car accident. :O We head to the restaurant called Noir Cuisine and while we were waiting for the food, I noticed some guy sitting behind Rose at another table. He keeps looking at us. I was a little scared and It was really distracting.

We talked about that letter that I got from Misha as I was handing the card to Rose. We though we will need help to do this. It is complicated and a little risky so  we decided to get help. I dated a guy  long time ago when I worked at the casino in LA. He was a private investigator. I gave his a call and he told us to meet him in an hour at the golden gate bridge in san Francisco. After we’re done eating we go and meet the guy 8pm.




We meet my x that night at the golden gate bridge in san Francisco. I was so scared looking out and watching if someone has been following us because since our arrival we have been getting in weird stuff. While I was busy looking around. Rose has been the one talking to him. She told him what’s been going on. I talked him about the guy at the restaurant. Rose tells the private investigator about what happened from the beginning of why we’re here and what has been going on so far. my-x ” the private investigator” asks us how he looks like, the weird guy that we keep seeing. We tell him how he looks like and he leaves to tell us  that he needs more information from us before he can do anything about it. We told him that we are scared and we have no time to waist. We also told him that this is all what we have. He walked away and  said “I will be looking into this. I will contact you as soon as I find something”

We left with a hope and we went back to the hotel to rest and see what will happen next.



I went to meet the person who gave me the letter and when I got to the main entrance. I saw a man standing and his back laying on the wall. I was scared I stopped and I didn’t get to close to the him.

I said “I assume it is you that sent the note since it is only the two of us here. What do you want?”

He looked at me from far and didn’t step any closer and said “Misha sent me.”

I got surprised. “What does he want?  Why he didn’t come himself? We came looking for him? can I meet him?”

He answered with only a couple of sentences “He said we should stop looking around and here is something for you,”

He handed me a letter and left. He was hiding his face and it was so hard to recognize his face!

I opened the envelope and it had an encrypted note. I went back to Rose since I was late and we had to preform together. When I got there I told her it was someone that Misha sent to meet me and told me to stop looking around for him and that he gave me a encrypted note that we had to break. I immediately called the private investigator and  gave it to him to help us and figure out what it says. He told us that he is telling us if want to find him, we need to use art!


Here is the encripted note!

Groom kidnapers ransom note



I met with Rose when she got down stage and she looked dizzy and tired. I asked her if she is ok but she thought it was from that dinner we had at the Noir Cosine! I got confused. If it is why am I ok and not feeling any pain at all.
.. I should her the note and we were able to break the encrypted message which told us that groom was safe. He’s only safe for now though. The clock continues to click and we’re running out of time… Luckily Misha doesn’t realize that I’m on the case looking for Groom. So as long as he doesn’t realize that i’m searching for Groom, there won’t be any set backs.

So the message says to find him we need to use ART…What does that mean anyways?…and noir is the place and comments will lead?

Recently Rose’s photographer showed her her photographs that he took while she was performing. She noticed balloons in one of the photos and she don’t think these balloons were for her. She was talking to him and looking at me saying “I think they were for you Sara!” I was surprised and what does that mean is it leading us to  something else! These balloons are definitely sending us a message! .ashley_tisdale_singing_hdtv-HD  They were like the balloons found in this photo  of Groom. balloons

After we decrypted the message we left to go back to our hotel. When we got to the hotel Rose’s photographer sent us another image he took of us when we left the concert…And this picture was like no other…






Whoever this person is!He seems to be toying around! :O He says in order to find Groom we need to use art. But why is he on our tracks?! really creepy! mostly me since Rose doesn’t seem to be the target! My guess is that we’re on a time limit. Either we find Groom first or this guy gets to us and groom is gone forever! :'(

Rose’s  photographer sent her this disturbing image. She came running to my hotel suite to show me.

man in back ground

“He was following You this whole time….We can’t let him think that I’m looking for Groom otherwise he’ll be after me too!” That what Rose told me and I definitely agree! He can’t know otherwise our whole plan is destroyed!

So we Started thinking and Rose said “Where could groom be?! Why would anyone be after him?” I never asked myself this question! All  what I was going for Who is Misha? and how does he know about me here and should I be worried about my life!

So the next day we planned to go to Groom’s mom’s house.. It was where he was last seen alive….

Apparently he was living there! This is so complicated but our next stop should be Groom’s mother house!



So this afternoon I called my x who is also our private investigator to tell him the latest details.


He picked up the phone I said “Good afternoon Mick how are you?”

Mick “I’m good how are you Sara?” He said

“I’m ok and I need to tell you some updates on the case before our next move!”

Mick said “I think these details can’t be said over the phone and I kind of miss sitting down and listening to you talk so let’s meet @7 down in a coffee shop named “Kiss and Hide Cafe” on 3rd St. and you can tell me everything you want! How does that sound?”

“I think seven is perfect! So I will be there! Bye!”

I went to get ready and left the hotel to meet him at the Kiss and Hide Cafe

I walked in to the coffee shop and he was already sitting there.



He was already sitting there waiting for me! I walked down to him and told him all about the balloons and that we are going to Groom’s mother house in a couple of days because he was last seen there.


While talking to him I notice someone sitting at the cafe bar alone wearing a long jacket and a hat. I told Mick about him and that I have been followed around and this guy looks weird!




He told me to leave and if he follows me he will get to the bottom of this. I left and he followed me! I was scared because he followed me for a long time before Mick grabbed his arm and stopped him!



I ran away and got in a cab. I don’t know what happened with the two. I went back and waited for a call from Mick to tell me who he was and what happened!

Progress Reports

We have been also posting updates on out twitter page! Click here to go the the main page! 

Click here to visit earlier post with the embedded links!

We have been also retweeting into individual character updates that where posted in their personal blogs.

This investigation case is very stressful and anything is possible at this point but we are at the top of things! :)


Comments and Tweets


So I have been updating ds106 members on twitter using the 3 main hashtags and also retweeting other agency’s work. The tweets are embedded in an earlier tweet. Click here to go there!

To find more visit my twitter account @Sarasparkle_106


DS106 agencies are at the top of things! there are lots of things going on and many stories. Here are some of the posted I checked and commented in.


In our Agency Blog SparKling We have been posting updated about clue and evidence solving process and these links link to the main our blog posts with the updates:

These are all the updates for week 12 and more are coming up next week was we solve more clues as for right now I want to know three things:

  1. Who sent the balloons?
  2. Who has been following me and is related to our investigation?
  3. Why was Groom living with his mother before he got kidnaped? Does it have to do anything with the Misha?

Keep up to get the details next week follow our twitter accounts of keep up checking the posts to get to the bottom of this! We are scared and excited at the same time! Wish us luck :)


Week #11 Summary “A life changing event”

This week has been one of the longest but definitely lots of experience. I have been working with Rose King to finish up our agency and I have also been using my own life experience with Roses to come up with SparKing!

Daily Creates



And who would make a birthday special if it wasn’t Marilyn Monroe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE!  celebrate and make it amazing and sparkly ;)

All my good wishes to you!



Save Noddy!

While I was walking in Brooklyn after a late night practice, I was overwhelmed with a crazy week of work and lack of sleep I looked up and I saw Noddy falling from one of the buildings :O I was shucked! In the beginning I thought it was just me tired and not being able to focus so I started imagining stuff. I opened my arms cockily and got him. I couldn’t stop thinking who would do such a thing. In the end Noddy got saved and I was the catcher :) He is on safe hands now DS106 don’t worry everything is great!



Who are we?

Rose King is a Country music artist from Tennessee and Sara Sparkle is a talented dancer. They collaborated together in a formal event and now together they are SparKling.

What we do? 

We do live events all around The United States. You can find out more click Here!

When we Started?

Our agency is still new and we have only done few events! We are looking for something bigger than this and we believe is just the start! We know it will be more than just a national agency. It will be global in no time! :D


“Our mission is to spread love and happiness all around our country in a professional way.”


“We will be the world largest performance group and spread our cultures and traditions”


  • We encourage innovation.
  • We take responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction.
  • We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, and efficient live performance Group.
  • Make a difference in the way art is delivered to the audience.
  • Being accountable and cheerful group.


We Hope that one day no matter where we will be, this agency with be number 1! 




This week people are blogging about too many different things! Have 5 stars open assignments gave everyone the chance to look around and pick things they enjoy doing or relate to them and their hobbies best. Here are my 10 comments



So this week I did 10 1/2 stars Including web and deign assignments:


Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 1.54.39 PM

DS106! Mark it down in your calendars. Sara sparkle and Rose King from SparKling will have a live event on Central Park Downtown NYC! Make sure you will be there on time! They will be preforming deferent scenarios over the night! Make sure you review Your invitations and get tickets before they are all sold out!



In honor of our new agency I changed my plate license! I wanted  to be thankful for where I’m today and how this helped me become the new me! I was afraid that if I move back to New York that I would lose all my dreams and I will not be famous again. I was so close to be my own thing but now I’m even closer! Thanks to my busniess partner Rose King and thank for our agency Sparkling!

Here is my new plate license and the new me!

Visit our agency site at: http://sparkling.saharalkhelaifi/agency




I have been question myself a lot lately wither I’m a dreamer or a quitter based on events on my life! I found out I’m not a quitter!

I want to share this life events with fellow class mates since we are starting our agencies and we are so excited! Take this short quiz and share what you get with us :)

I’m sure all questions apply to everyone!


Here is the link



I have arranged a Pinit lest of places I want to go to. I have been so far to few and my next stop this summer will be New Zealand! :)

Since summer is on the way, and I know all my fellow DS106 need a brake from a long semester. I have arranged for you some places that you MUST visit.

First Ask yourself, Have I been to Europe? Have I been to France? Have I been to New Zealand? Have I been to Canada? Have I been to Jordan?  Have I been to Hawaii?

If you have answered any of these questions with no, you MUST check my pint it site! I have a tour guide in places that are very unique and they are must visit places!

What is awesome about these places you get to learn new cultures and languages! You will enjoy trying different food. and walk around very amazing views!

But before you pick any, remember, you have to make this your dream trip! Go with your best friend or your partner and enjoy every second of it. You should also keep in mind nothing is impossible and you can do and go where ever you want! You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with expenses pick the places you can afford going to!

If you have only 1 week of vexation and you don’t have enough time to issue your visa, I have got you covered. I have few places that are must visit in the United states! Pick your favorite places and live the moment! Don’t let anything stop you, Life is too short to wait!


In the end this week was a little bit stressful since there was a big projects involving a group. In the end we were happy with what we created and I hope you all enjoy it!


Week 10 – Too much info in videos (YAY FOR ME!)

So this week was intense. Every week seems to be harder than the week before but I think this is how it will go for the rest of the semester. I like the fact that this week gave me the opportunity to get myself out there and tell the world who Sara Sparkel is. And since I’m a visual person I think I gave away exactly what they need to know! Check it out :)


Daily creates

So for this weeks Daily creates I did:



Here is my very fancy healthy breakfast meal. I’m going through a strict diet. I need to include greens and veggies and cut down carbs. As you noticed in the picture I have one piece of wheat bird and an egg with fat free cheese, and a tabulla. I tried to make it as fancy as possible. but here is my BK selfie ;)


2. 15 sec. Batman



I did this in 15 seconds but I have no idea why I did the hands and legs like that! :D I guess I was trying to be quick to make sure I get everything. I did a good job in terms of the face mask. I noticed I missed the most important part of his suit. :( I forgot the logo in the chest area of his suit. I’m sure if I had 2 more minutes I could have done a better job. I still think my 15 seconds Batman rocks! :)

3. Create a Quote (I want to be me)


what made me choose this to be my quote is how much I think about what I should do, how should act, and what I should wear, what I can buy and can’t, ect. I need to put an end to being worried what people will think of me or what will people will say if I did this or that. That is why I remind myself everyday that I’m special just the way I’m and just the way I want to be. I can eat what I want, dress the way I want, Lough the way I want, and go any where I want. I don’t need to worry about no one as long as I’m happy nothing else matters. The new me will always just be me!



So this week I have chose assignments that shows whatI’m doing recently and next I will be showing things about my family by the next weeks. So I have done 15 stars in total and i have embedded the videos down here and to read more of each one by clicking on it is title,  and here they are:



I loved all the interview questions! All of them :D Idid pick 10 of the questions. It is also a good opportunity to give away more information about myself. I loved the questions Bond and Burtis posted because it reflects on me a lot and I can be more open about them I have also used some of Black’s questions which were very unique. I wish I can use some of grooms Questions but for the theme I was going for it was a little hard and the video downloader I had only download things out of Youtube. I could have used some of Grooms is the video was easier to download. In general the questions gave out a lot about me and how I think. It was personal in a level but I only answered questions that work with the flow of the interview I hope you Enjoy it! To visit the actual post click here!






I have met new folks in this class! This week I have done 10 comments. All of the posts I have viewed from many blogs are amazing. People have been really putting too much time and effort on this. Here are the links for the comments:



I think I will be doing this unit OF DS106 solo and I will do the agency storytelling requirements as well. So we will see how this will go next week :)


On my twitter  I have embedded some of the assignments os I can share them with my classmates.

This last part is just me trying to get myself out there on twitter. So let me know what you think and I definitely have put on a lot of time on this coming up with ideas and finding the right footage to represent me out there to the world. Hang in there to be more impressed next week! :D

Week 9 Summary- Getting Into Film Making

This week was full of joy! I had to many good mementos in this class this week starting with daily creates, listening to my radio show live, and making the videos! It was interesting learning some cinematic tricks and techniques from famous hollywood films.

This week I have done 

  • 2 Daily creates
  • Wrote a final reflection on the radio show
  • Participated on twitter with classmates radio show and tweeted along.
  • Learned how to read a movie
  • Video Essay
  • 8 stars of video assignments
  • Setup a category for my character Sara Sparkle
  • 10 comments on other classmates’ blogs

Daily Creates:


Dream Stairs



So this daily create is to draw a staircase that has my goal/ dream at the top. I always think of happiness and how to reach happiness. The way I see it is that happiness is reached by having the basics in life. I’m still at the beginning of the staircase. I will graduate from UMW this May and this will move me up a step. I’m already looking for a job and I still believe that as I move up the staircase I will be happier each time. I just hope that by the end I will stay healthy and have a successful life around my family and friends. It is good to dream big but I like to be realistic and go bigger from their.



It seems like winter doesn’t want to let go this year! An hour ago, and while I was outside with friends in this cold weather, we decided to have BBQ for dinner. While we were outside setting up the place and the starting up fire I decided to take this photo to represent my Shutter speed picture. I used Nikon D5100 for this picture. I tried to do it with my iPhone but I wasn’t satisfied with the results so I switched to the camera. I hope you guys like it :)



Listening to my show live Thursday night felt amazing. Checking what people are talking about and what they thought of it was good. Hearing positive feedback felt good as eel. Even though I had so much trouble in the beginning with setting up things and trying to figure out ideas with a 2 people team. The challenge was big but with time it was easier and less stressful. What I might do differently if I had chance maybe add another part to the show with a more questions to the show when interviewing Sara. I would also add a third member which would help a lot with collaborating and giving good ideas. The most thing I enjoyed about this video is coming up with the idea, writing up the dialog between the two characters, looking up sound tracks and recording. The hardest thing about this project was reaching people in the team and finding a way to reach each individual member to keep them updated. Some preferred emails, others wanted to use twitter and google docs, but even then I had hard time reaching them.

Future DS106 students,

Try to collaborate with other classmates and yourself and other students to meet you and get to know you from the beginning. Don’t wait up till you get an assignment to do so!   It will be a lot harder by then. Try to have fun as much as you can with these assignments. Don’t think of them as assignments but think of them as a way to develop skills that you want to have. Give it enough time to make it success. Most important advice. Don’t wait until the weekend to do assignments but start looking at things from the beginning of the week and divide the work based on your schedule. Promise if you do this you will get a good grade and have fun ! :)



I want to start saying Dinner Party at 6 radio show was a success! Amazing and interesting commercials and sound effects. The show was amazing. I couldn’t help not getting involved and wanting to listen more. I think the group collaborated well and wanted to make it a success and that is why it was. I really liked the sound effects on the dinner table and also the thunders. Very derma tic and noir also apply to the story very well.

On this same night The noir buzz show was tuned in in ds106radio I couldn’t help not being excited to see what others thought of it. I was on air after the show as well to talk about it. It was a really good night for me!

If you want to check out my tweets! please click in here! to visit the actual blog post :)




This is a part that wasn’t required but I wanted to take notice from this amazing article “How to Read a Movie” and the videos with the different cinematic techniques.

In the first article where Roger talks about how to read a movie I have found different ways in how the camera angle, where the characters stand, the way they are facing the camera lens, and many other details show a lot about the character personalty and how it is attached to the scene. There were many new information to me that I have never heard before. For example he talked about how right is positive and left is negative. and what he meant is that if a character stands in the right, that character is a good person and such. On the other hand if the character is standing in the left this means he or she is a bad person. .There are many other techniques which are implied in the article that are used a lot but us as viewers notice but don’t know anything about the techniques and such.

I have watched some editing techniques in one of the video “Examples of Editing Techniques” like jump cut, Form cut, flash cut, fast motion, Tempo/Rhythm etc. All these are different transition types when going from a seen to another. The most common one is the rhythm transition and this is the one used in films and movies. Every film and or a movie include transitions but some are fast so we don’t notice their existence but they are still used.


Another video I watched is the “Top 20 Cinematic Techniques Part 1” These techniques are used to give the story extra strength. These effects either make the scene more interesting or it might loose its power. Some of the techniques that were in Oscar Feiven video are: Steadicam, Extreme Establishing shot, Establishing shot, Pan, Low Angle Shot, etc. All these techniques are used to give the scene more power and give it some sense of reality.

The third video I watched titled “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”  shows the pure cinematic which is the assembly of film and he talked about how it can be change to create a different idea. He shows how a character’s smile can mean different thing and 2 parts of a film can change viewers reaction about the character of the old man. So film scenes and parts can describe a lot of thing to the viewer and this technique can change a film a lot. Adding simple character reaction can tell us a lot about who is this characters? Is he/she good or bad? And other questions viewer would want to find answers for in a film.




I have made a chretical analysis in this scene from the film “Kiss Me Deadly” I used what I have read from  “How to Read a Movie” article and also the different videos from Youtube.

This is a 1 minute scene that I had to slow down so I can describe as much as possible of the different cinematography techniques used in this scene. The camera shots was a big part. Positivity and Negativity appear throw out the seen. Viewer could tell the type of relationship the characters have with each other just by looking at this short scene. This is why techniques are important in films. Here is the Video  Essay I created to kind of summaries the scene techniques.

To check out the video click here! to go to the actual post :)


8 Stars of Video Assignments


This is a 4 stars assignment and it should include clips from artists live performances and make them into a music video! I have spent at least 5 hours making this video. I chose this video assignment because it is the best way to describe my character and get her out there more. It gives a short summery for her professional dancing level and show how much she is attached to this type of art. I chose different techniques of dancing for each part of the video to kind of show how professional she is. I have chose to split each of the photos with a video and then go back to a photo just to rest the viewer eye and give a hint about the next technique used. There were lots of edits to  include it terms of video or picture lightening and and also how fast the video is. I chose this song because it represent love and it is classic fast and slow kind of song which goes well with the videos. I had to change some parts to match what the dance flows like. To see the video click here! to go to the actual post.



This is a 4 star assignment to create a trailer for a Tv show of my choice. I picked How I Met Your Mother. It is by far the most amazing TV show I have watched. I enjoyed making this video and trying to remember funny scenes, look them up, download them and cut parts and past it to create the trailer you will watch. I used I movie to edit, cut and add transitions. It took a long time but it was defiantly worth it. It is amazing how I still find these scenes funny and laugh over and over as I was doing this. Here you go and enjoy! :D

To watch the trailer click here to visit the actual post.




I have made 10 comments in my fellow students blogs and noticed some pretty amazing work. I have also given feedback and some techniques to consider. Here are the links to the comments pages.

I have created a character category and filled out the form and upload it. I have also put all posts related to my character under that category. Click here to visit :)

This was everything for week nine of video assignment and I defiantly learned lots of techniques and learned how to look at films in different ways and appreciate cinematography! Hope you enjoyed my work and feel free to give feed back!


Week 8 is coming to an End!

This week has been one of the longest but decently lots of experience. I have been working with classmates to finish up the assignment and I have also been using my character’s twitter account and tweeted out some of the stuff that are going on with her life!

In summary:

  • I have done 3 daily creates!
  • I participated live on twitter Wednesday’s radio shows and posted about it!
  • I submitted 4 of inspiring fellows assignment on Inspire site!
  • I did 10 1/3 start on different genres using my character and other classmates characters!
  • I have made 10 comments on other classmates blog giving feedback.
  • I created a gmail and a twitter account for my characters.

Here are my posts that I have done throughout the week!


Your favourite moment in the past week

Last week during spring break I was not able to travel and go outside of Virginia but I did use my time doing fun and relaxing activities. I did a lot of things but one of the things that I enjoyed the most is painting. I have been painting and made lots of sketches. I’m not that talented when it comes to drawing but painting is one of my hobbies. I will be sharing some of my paintings later on flicker. You guys should decently check them out and give me feedback!




The story is amazing and has a story behind it that was definitely an issue for working women back in the early 1900s. I like how you can never now what is happening next in their story. I think it would have been more interesting if they gave some background on the man who is always trying to underestimate them and look at them in a sexual way. I liked the noircat commercial featuring cats food. It was creative and the background music was good.  love the sound effects used and some of them were used over each other which is very good! I think the noise of clicking between recording is a little weird and should have been cut out. It appears at different places throughout the show. In general the show is amazing and the way the characters were put together made the show seem real and lots of drama. Definitely a noir radio show! I think for people with very limited experience with radio show creations that was amazing and professional!

To check out my tweets visit my post here!




Todays daily create is to make a video with things that makes me laugh out load and upload it to Youtube. Basically the things that make me laugh are common and mostly online. If I’m not studying or hanging out with friends, I’m on social media sites watching funny videos, pictures, or watching TV shows. I only watch funny TV shows which makes me laugh out load. Grumpy cat is my favorite when it comes to funny pictures and they have lots of them in Facebook and tumbler. Instagram videos and pictures are funny as well. I have included some example and I made sure you can see the usernames for these accounts so you can check out more of their posts. I hope you find these funny! :)




I loved the idea of this daily create kind of different and it relates to what has been going on in the weekly videos in Noir106 page and in twitter. The main key in their note was “art” I think this is what they where trying to say but in my own ransom note! I don’t know what will happen to groom since they didn’t give any clues but I think we will know more in the coming weeks.

I like this!  getting interesting!

Groom kidnapers ransom note






This week ds106 folks have been doing an amazing work on the assignments and I’m happy to see how we are all improving specially in terms of communication! Commenting in blogs and tweeting back and forth made me realize how much we can be attached with an online class! I recognize most sites by now and I keep visiting some to check their latest work! Incredible work everyone! way to go! Here are some feedback I have made in my fellows’ blogs!

Make sure to visit them! they are great!



I was Inspired by Janelle Pierangelino’s audio assignment. She picked a very common movie and the flaw of the story is creative and professional. The transitions in the recording are amazing! I did that same audio assignment and you guys can find it in the assignment bank under audio’s genre. Check out Janelle’s audio and visit her blog post here Visit Original




Counting Stars (Guess The Song)

This design he created is mazing because it is precise, accurate and simple. He explained his thought process in an organize manner of expression or detail. He did simple touches and edited photos by cutting images and applying them together using softwares. He inspired me to make the designs I will create later include my character image to get her out there more. I will also try to include images over each other and include them over each other and edit more not only with colors and themes but also cutting and inserting pictures together.




I have been looking through today’s daily create and looking at other people work inspires us to do better! Gyeore’s video for today’s daily create assignment March 14, 2015. The level of profesincy in taking the video and the music theme is amazing and incradple. I always look at the best turned in assignment and try to do better to inspire myself to do better and Gyeore;s video was one of those. check her youtube or blog to find out!



I have been amazed by the work Lauren is doing specially this assignment. The way she advertised was amazing because she included everything a person want to know about our school to make them want to apply. It inspired me because it is obvious she spend so much time working on it and more planning. I’m inspired by the amount of work she put in there to make this a success.




Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.47.58 PMThis is a design assignment that is worth 3 stars and asks us to design a newspaper. I have choose this assignment because I wanted o challenge myself and make things I have not done before like creating a newspaper cover page story. I went an extra step and used another character my classmate Dalina have created as well as my character. I made a story involving a noir theme and what our characters as stars would end up in. Feel free to check it out and for better view I have uploaded the picture in flicker feel free to check it out:




I did this 3 1/2 Stars assignment “using a website like LinkedIn, create a “fake” resume for a fictional person or character of your choice. Add detailed descriptions and make the resume relevant to the character. Resume must include a profile, work history, education, and skills. Locations, job positions, and companies can be made up! Use your creativity!”

I made a resume for my character Sara Sparkle who is a professional dancer at LA. Sara has been going through lots of trouble lately if you have been following her twitter account and the posts I have made earlier. She feels Guilty for leaving her daughter and she thinks it is better if she finds another Job in NYC, so she can spend more time with her daughter plus her carrier plan was falling apart in LA and she does not think it will improve any time soon at least. She is a suspect for John Marlly’s  murder as well as Rose King. Nothing has been proven yet, but everything will come to light soon and we will find out whether she is guilty or not.

Check out this PDF that has Sara’s Resume! Sparkle’s Resume





Earlier this week I have created the resume that was a 3 stars assignment based on this job opportunity here is the link for it.

This is a 4 stars assignment that Mariam Khan and Sahar Alkhelaifi collaborate to do the assignment in both of the characters Jeffery Davidson “Mariam’s character” and Sara Sparkle “Sahar’s character.”

Sara has been checking new job offers in NYC to leave LA and be close to her family when she ran into a Craigslist post by Jeffery for new entertainment job offering at the bar he works at.

Sara immediately emailed Jeffery to apply and attached her resume. They have been communicating through emails to fill out the applications. Jeffery was very professional and responsive. Sara will be interviewed this coming week for her interview with Jeffery. Sara believes this is a life-changing event that could actually make her forget about the trouble she got in LA and the few days that she spent in Jail for a crime she didn’t actually commit. Jeffery gave her a hope that she might get the job and live with her family.

​​For Jeffrey hiring Sara eased up his load at work so he was very happy that he received a respond so quickly to his craigslist ad. After reviewing Sara’s resume he was extremely pleased with the work experience she has and believes she will make a great addition to his team.

We came up with many other ideas for how our two characters could work together in the future and are excited to see what the future holds for their relationship.

Here are the e-mails we have been sending and for better view click on here!

Job Opening


This is basically everything I did this week and To see more check the posts or visit my: Twitter , Flicker, and My Youtube!

Also check my characters latest tweets at her new Twitter account @Sarasparkel_106

WEEK 7: Ready For Break!!!

This week we had a lot of fun coming up with the thoughts for the project but putting the stuff together and editing was not that much fun specially when it takes all night to do. Here are the summaries of this week’s work

Daily Creates:


DS 106 Space Station: 

My third daily create is DS106 space station. I liked this assignment because it got me back to draw thing. I know I might not be good when it comes to art but I thought I did a decent job creating this one. I imagined DS106 folks going through the stations and inside thee panels. It is good to use your imagination to create your own theme. I hope you guys like it!

Space station ds106


Emoji Story

I had fun using my imagination to create the story using the random Emojis. The story is true but the emoji made me go around it a little. I play games similar to this on my phone were we have to guess the Emoji and guess a famous quote. I hope you enjoy my story!


Fill Your Day with Joy

This daily create is about 5 things that brings me joy. I always start my morning with a cup of coffee and add hazelnut to make it perfect. Music also brings joy to my life. I like to enjoy classic music as much as I can. I also like to go out to eat with friends. We usually go to a Japanese restaurant that has a show while surfing the food. Doing my nails and using nail polish also brings me joy. I like to get my nails done regularly. Watching sunset is one of the most amazing moments in my life. Whenever I’m sad or stressed I like to set and enjoy the view. Lastly in the winter, one of the things that brings me joy and make me survive with the weather is skating. I like to go skating with friends every now and then to enjoy and appreciate winter. These are some of many things that brings me joy.





The Noir Buzz!

In our group there is Dalina, Stephen, Peter, Carolina, and Sahar (me). The show is about celebrity gossip and it will involve our characters that we made as the celebrities we will be presenting throughout the show. We are planing to create musics and adds as well for our project. Our show will be around 30 mins and we will divide the work between member’s in terms of who is good at what and use google docs, email, and twitter to contact each other.

The bumper I made for the project shows kind of what we will be talking about where some of us will be the presenters where others will do the editing and work on the ads.

In terms of how the group will be meeting. I have created a survey monkey link for my group members to go select all the times possible to meet during next to make sure we have enough time to edit and do the rest of work. I also shared that on the google doc that I have created. I shared this google doc with my professors to give us ideas and thoughts and follow up as needed.

Stay connected to get more updates about the project.

Here is the bumper sticker once again.





Radio show Process Summery 1

Tuesday night, Dalina and I met through google hangout and planed the radio show in terms of who is the host and who are we featuring. and so we decided that Dalina’s character will be the host and my character will be the guest interviewed in the radio show. In the process we divided the commercials In terms of when are playing them during the radio. We also picked out the themes and what we are featuring in each commercial. We are planning to pick a famous song from the early 1900  to start the show with and end it as well.

The show will be mainly about the character but also we will give a breaking news to gossip about and a short weather break that the host will be doing.

We are planning to meet Wednesday afternoon to write the interview dialog and pick the song. We are also planing to start recording either Wednesday or Thursday.



Radio show Process Summery 2

In today’s meeting, we finished the dialogs for the characters (host and guest). We made it interesting enough to make the characters share heir stories throughout the show and gossip about it. The music have been chosen based on the characters interests and to make it relate to the show. We are planing to meet Thursday to record and put together the final tips for the show. We might start the commercials tomorrow as well if we find enough time. So far we only to make sure that after we record the show it goes within the time limit since we only have 2 people working on this.


This was it for the show plaining and I think the group is doing a good job putting the thoughts in this.




I went to other people blogs and I made comments on their work: daily creates, radio show bumper, assignments, radio show process. Here are the 10 comments I made this week.


Final Process with the Radio Show Project “The Noir Buzz”

Today we finalized the final edits of the project. It was really hard and took long to edit it since we are two members in the group only. Putting things together and recording it was hard but we were able to finish it up and pick the write music and commercials that relates to our characters. We had to rerecord something because of trouble with audacity but we figured it out and finished that project in 3 days! You guys should tune up after break to listen to it.

Here is the link to our radio show




In the end this week was a little bit stressful since there was a big projects involving a group. It was the first time I had to find out who I’m talking this class with. It was hard to contact some group members so we went ahead and finished it as two people. In the end we were happy with what we created and I hope you all enjoy it!


Have a good break :)


Week 6 Summery Being Professional


The Noir Buzz!

In our group there is Dalina, Stephen, Peter, Carolina, and Sahar (me). The show is about celebrity gossip and it will involve our characters that we made as the celebrities we will be presenting throughout the show. We are planing to create musics and adds as well for our project. Our show will be around 30 mins and we will divide the work between member’s in terms of who is good at what and use google docs, email, and twitter to contact each other.

The bumper I made for the project shows kind of what we will be talking about where some of us will be the presenters where others will do the editing and work on the ads.

In terms of how the group will be meeting. I have created a survey monkey link for my group members to go select all the times possible to meet during next to make sure we have enough time to edit and do the rest of work. I also shared that on the google doc that I have created. I shared this google doc with my professors to give us ideas and thoughts and follow up as needed.

Stay connected to get more updates about the project.



I have created this bumper sticker for our radio show. The idea of the show is to bring up topics and stories about celebrities life and issues noir style. I picked bleach and white pictures and also relate to  my group’s characters. I made them random and each looks different because the show will talk about many things so I made it dark, enjoyable, and romantic. Later we will make updates in terms of the specific topics we are covering in the radio show.  Keep up and read more to know more about our show.




This assignment is worth 3 stars, It is one o my favorite audio assignments. It is about picking a line from a famous movie or show and remix it. This line is one of my best lines. Not only funny but inspiring. I like how it takes me out of my sad mood and makes me happy. I hope you can recall this line from How I met your mother. The line was one of barny’s famous quotes.





This assignment is worth 4 stars and it is an opportunity to create my own theme music. I went to SoundBible and got a couple of sound effects there. The rest I just picked up from other sites. The only thing about SoundBible is that it is hard to navigate in otherwise great source and have lots of choices. Enjoy my track and feel free to write a comment.



I did the Sounds of Your Day assignment and it is worth 3 stars. I did it starting from my morning until my afternoon ends. I edited it using Audacity and combined multiple tracks together. I added my morning rituals like waking up to the alarm sound, talking a shower, washing my teeth, eating breakfast, doing work, watching TV shows, hanging out in the coffee shop, and walking around with the constructions noise around my apartment. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Comment and Get Connected With Class Mates


I went to our main website and tracked back blogs and wrote back for classmates. I have to admit some of the work was very inspiring and I got the chance to see more examples from classmates work on the audio assignments and will as the radio pumper posters. I also wrote back comments to help people with their work weather they need to add or work on somethings

Here are the links to my comments




In Wednesday night, we listened to Notorious film over ds106 radio station. I liked the film and I got really attached with the characters. Even though I got shocked many times by the characters behaviors but the film was very unique and outstanding. I liked the engagement with classmates that night on twitter. We were a small group but at the same we kept replying to each other and interact while enjoying. Last time it was harder because I couldn’t focus and listen to the show and at the same time tweet about it. I guess it just takes practice.

Check out my post to check out my tweets

If you want too see more from this night’s show check out my account on Twitter or check the tags by clicking on them :)


This is pretty much it for this week and I hope that the group work next week will be amazing! wait and stick around to check out the radio show The Noir Buzz!



This weeks work is all about being creative with coming up with new thoughts, themes, and ideas for the design projects as well as daily creates, and the writing assignments.

The daily creates I have done this week were: Happy Birthday DavidCreative Hands, and Family Tree.


Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.33.42 PM

Dear David

It is nice to share your birthday with everyone and I wish I can get the same my birthday was this Friday February 13th :)

Happy birthday cool mustache!

#dailycreate  #tdc1128





I love creating shadows with using my hands to create different types of images. This was the only thing I can do since it was not that sunny and it was cloudy. But If I had clear wall at the moment I would have created a shadow of animal faces and other interesting things but there is always a next time!

#dailycreate  #tdc1129




My fam tree


My family tree is big and interesting. I hated doing this assignment because it reminded me of sad moments of my mother’s siblings who died in the past few years. I think that having a family tree is important to remind us of our identities and culture as well. The only sad part is the death part. I’m interested to see how our family will grow up with my siblings marriages :)


(for a better view click here visit the image in my flickr)

#dailycreate # tdc1131



What I think about the principles and the creativity?

Design is a way to communicate with the viewer eyes without the possibility of using words.Massimo Vignelli focused in his booklet on how young designers have the lack of typographic principles. I agree with him that creativity needs the support of knowledge and the designer’s ability to preform and apply the methods. In pragmatics the writer talked about how we should look at designs and I agree with him based in personal experience.

I have made many designs for my internship the was for Hats, Heels & Ties where I designed their art work for procures and adds for the big event supporting kids with autism. I will make the design thinking that it is perfect and understandable but having a second eye looking at the design always helps identifying issues and fixing them before they go out. Discipline and appropriateness are also very important principles of design, details and the theme make the ending product valuable.

Vignelli also mentioned the visual power as a design principle. Choosing the right format, colors and sizes make the design pop-out to the viewer eyes. These are important but they are not everything to maintain visual power. For example, the layout of the materials also makes a good design. Visual strength is important in design and should not be confused with visual impact.

Identity and diversity is also a design principle that Vignelli talked about in his booklet. Too much diversity could break the design, and a little of it could make the design poor. Same goes to identity creates perceptive redundancy as Vignelli referred to it and it is an important term in design. Just the right amount of both Identity and diversity is the way to make a perfect design.

I think some of these principles take practice more than just reading about them. By applying the right amount of principles into the design such as balance, proportion, contrast, size, responsibility, sequence, and unity, the design can be outstanding an eye-catching. In the end it is all about the practice that will make a designer apply all the rules needed to make his pease the one that will bring him/ her to light.





Double Indemnity

Think about the built environment of Los Angeles in the 1940s, the 1990s for Lebowski, or, in the case of Blade Runner, 2019. How does space help frame the design and style of noir in these films? What design elements of noir are not specific to a particular time and place?

Based on the american film noir Double Indemnity, the built environment in the 1940s is very dark film in terms of the theme. The starting of the movie shows violent, dark theme, scary music, and noise as well. The guy with the hat and the long black jacket has wired personality and activities. The shadows in the movie represent noir and the way they images were delivered to viewers. The lightning techniques that were used make the image interesting but people might not notice them. For example showing only half of the actor’s face to represent the double personality. The way that the window shade in the actor’s face and wall. The wife was imaged as a dark, evil, fake, and unfaithful person by the way she smiles, dress, act, make up, accessories, and the wig she wears. The way the wife and walter meet and the way their faces are covered where he will be wearing a hat the whole time do the shadow of the hat covered his eyes. Walter walking on the dark and when he got to the car the reflection of his face in the mirror when his wife claimed to go check the car. The way they where sitting in the car and the dark lightning in her face. The way walter was walking on the train on the middle and he looked dark where the people seated to his left and right where light and their facial expressions are easy to view. All these are lightning techniques that were used to make it easy to reflect their characters and personality.




Moving to Design assignments I did 12 stars this week


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.23.37 PM


One of the 4 stars design assignments I made was creating your own DS106 wallpaper. This is the background I have created to simples both DS106 and my noir character. My noir character is supposed to be that sassy dancer who is also good at what she does which made her live her only child at her mother’s house to go and dance at a casino in Las Vegas. Hope you like my design and the color themes.

#DesignAssignments #DesignTutorials1491





“Pick your favorite quote OR make up your own phrase which describes a philosophy that you try to live by. It can be about love, friendship, family, education, culture, health, charity, etc. Design a minimalist poster depicting the concept. Extra challenge: Try to include a unique element that makes it YOU. Don’t forget to explain your thought process. :)”

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 6.39.55 AM

This assignment is 2 and a half and I chose to do this assignment because there is one role in life that I follow the most. “Fear your enemies but fear close ones more,” in this role “close ones” are friends, family, and loved ones. These people could hurt you more because yo least expect it from them. I have got hurt so many times from people who I least expected to hurt me. Sara my character is an independent woman who is good at what she does, does not care what people around her think of her as long as she is happy. I think I am trying to make Sara what I wanted to be from the beginning. I do not want her to make the same mistake I made by trusting people too much. In the coming up assignments you will figure out Sara’s story.


#DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments365




“The assignment is to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons, four of them. Write your blog post up but do not give away the answer, let people guess! The challenge is to find the icons that suggest the story, but do not make it so easy. For icons a great resource is The Noun Project.”


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 11.13.34 PM


This assignment is 2 and a half stars. What inspired me to pick this story is that I was watching a movie earlier this week and this movie got me. Very emotional and it happens a lot I hope my classmates and the teachers can get what it is. Feel free to write a comment with the answer and I will write back!

#DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments358











Photoshop someone(s) (or something(s)) into a picture that isn’t supposed to be there.


Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 6.03.27 AM


This assignment is worth 3 stars and it is about attaching a random person or something in a picture. What made me want to go for this assignment and pick a person instead of a thing is the fact that this happens a lot where I will be taking a group picture of my family and I or my friends and I ,and someone will just pop-up in the picture like I do not care. Sometimes they smile too, Which makes it even a lot weird. I learned it the hard way to look first and then take a picture. Here is my picture with the random person in it. Let me know if you can find the person!

#DesignAssignments #DesignAssignments149







For starters, I took this picture this Friday at the gift shop in the Fine Arts Museum down in Richmond. We used to have some of those at our house and my grandma used to always point at them and say “They look the same but they have different sizes but together they are equal and unique. You cannot separate them if one goes missing the whole set will ruined.” I have lost of the 7 pieces we had at home and every time I look at then I know one is missing because each one has a different size. This is what made me pick this object to represent unity.




This peace is also at the Fine Arts Museum in Richmond. This one represents balance. The way the rabbit is held from the middle shows how to balance an object. I thought this was a unite peace at the museum. The golden rabbit arms and legs and the way they balance each other. All these details show balance in the design.





These are some paintings I have purchased recently to decorate my bedroom They colors actually represent each season. Starting from the left brown represents fall season, red represents summer, green represents spring, and the blue represents winter. I decided to put them this way because brown represent the problems I go through in life, red represents the same issues going bigger, green represents the solutions, and blue represents the new thoughts I develop in life. It is a way to cheer me up no matter what I go through in life. I guess the colors here have to go together otherwise something will seem missing, either to much dark colors or to much bright colors. The right balance of the colors makes these paintings standout. This is what I chose to represent colors.




This add was hanged around campus about an event coming soon. The way they used the paint and brush in the middle of a bottle is unique. I don’t see it that much. I’it a little hard to guess what they were going for from the first glance at it. After a while of looking at it I noticed they where going for how art makes simple things amazing and standout. The reason what I picked this one for rhythm is because of the lines the are going around the can. This design made the can and the words pop-out and catch the viewers attention not only because of the can’s size and the fact that it is in the middle of the paper but the rhythm going around it made it unique and simple.





My own impression of copyright low, fair use doctrine and the creative commons movement?

Copyright is very important for the owner but not as much for receivers. Sharing my work with other to share knowledge doesn’t mean they can use my work without referring it to me. I have had a bad experience with some social media app when I had posted pictures I have taken myself to find it on another account where the person have used it referring the pictures to himself instead of tagging me. After what happened I stopped posting pictures for a while till I found an app where you can sign your picture of video with your name. Copy rights are very important and not everyone these days go by it. No matter how much they inform on it. People don’t like to pay to listen to music or watch movies. They like to download things for free. Use other people work without referencing them. I think their no single way in how to stop this issue from continuing. People need to realize themselves that what they are doing is wrong and unethical. I’m defiantly with copyrights being enforced.



This is all the work for this week feel free to play around and check out my pages and leave comments and ideas :)