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10 comments- Week 9


I have made 10 comments in my fellow students blogs and noticed some pretty amazing work. I have also given feedback and some techniques to consider. Here are the links to the comments pages.

Radio Show Final Reflection

Listening to my show live Thursday night felt amazing. Checking what people are talking about and what they thought of it was good. Hearing positive feedback felt good as eel. Even though I had so much trouble in the beginning with setting up things and trying to figure out ideas with a 2 people team. The challenge was big but with time it was easier and less stressful. What I might do differently if I had chance maybe add another part to the show with a more questions to the show when interviewing Sara. I would also add a third member which would help a lot with collaborating and giving good ideas. The most thing I enjoyed about this video is coming up with the idea, writing up the dialog between the two characters, looking up sound tracks and recording. The hardest thing about this project was reaching people in the team and finding a way to reach each individual member to keep them updated. Some preferred emails, others wanted to use twitter and google docs, but even then I had hard time reaching them.

Future DS106 students,

Try to collaborate with other Classmates and yourself and other students to meet you and get to know you from the beginning. Don’t wait up till you get an assignment to do so!   It will be a lot harder by then. Try to have fun as much as you can with these assignments. Don’t think of them as assignments but think of them as a way to develop skills that you want to have. Give it enough time to make it success. Most important advice. Don’t wait until the weekend to do assignments but start looking at things from the beginning of the week and divide the work based on your schedule. Promise if you do this you will get a good grade and have fun ! :)

Learn How to Read a Movie- My learning Summary

This is a part that wasn’t required but I wanted to take notice from this amazing article “How to Read a Movie” and the videos with the different cinematic techniques.

In the first article where Roger talks about how to read a movie I have found different ways in how the camera angle, where the characters stand, the way they are facing the camera lens, and many other details show a lot about the character personalty and how it is attached to the scene. There were many new information to me that I have never heard before. For example he talked about how right is positive and left is negative. and what he meant is that if a character stands in the right, that character is a good person and such. On the other hand if the character is standing in the left this means he or she is a bad person. .There are many other techniques which are implied in the article that are used a lot but us as viewers notice but don’t know anything about the techniques and such.

I have watched some editing techniques in one of the video “Examples of Editing Techniques” like jump cut, Form cut, flash cut, fast motion, Tempo/Rhythm etc. All these are different transition types when going from a seen to another. The most common one is the rhythm transition and this is the one used in films and movies. Every film and or a movie include transitions but some are fast so we don’t notice their existence but they are still used.


Another video I watched is the “Top 20 Cinematic Techniques Part 1” These techniques are used to give the story extra strength. These effects either make the scene more interesting or it might loose its power. Some of the techniques that were in Oscar Feiven video are: Steadicam, Extreme Establishing shot, Establishing shot, Pan, Low Angle Shot, etc. All these techniques are used to give the scene more power and give it some sense of reality.


The third video I watched titled “Hitchcock Loves Bikinis”  shows the pure cinematic which is the assembly of film and he talked about how it can be change to create a different idea. He shows how a character’s smile can mean different thing and 2 parts of a film can change viewers reaction about the character of the old man. So film scenes and parts can describe a lot of thing to the viewer and this technique can change a film a lot. Adding simple character reaction can tell us a lot about who is this characters? Is he/she good or bad? And other questions viewer would want to find answers for in a film.

Inspired by Lauren Falkenstein Audio 4

Lauren’s Blog Post

I have been amazed by the work Lauren is doing specially this assignment. The way she advertised was amazing because she included everything a person want to know about our school to make them want to apply. It inspired me because it is obvious she spend so much time working on it and more planning. I’m inspired by the amount of work she put in there to make this a success.

Inspired by Gyeore Lee Video 3


I have been looking through today’s daily create and looking at other people work inspires us to do better! Gyeore’s video for today’s daily create assignment March 14, 2015. The level of profesincy in taking the video and the music theme is amazing and incradple. I always look at the best turned in assignment and try to do better to inspire myself to do better and Gyeore;s video was one of those. check her youtube or blog to find out!

Inspired by Thomas Baird Design 2

Counting Stars (Guess The Song)

This design he created is mazing because it is precise, accurate and simple. He explained his thought process in an organize manner of expression or detail. He did simple touches and edited photos by cutting images and applying them together using softwares. He inspired me to make the designs I will create later include my character image to get her out there more. I will also try to include images over each other and include them over each other and edit more not only with colors and themes but also cutting and inserting pictures together.

Inspired by Janelle Pierangelino Audio 1

I was Inspired by Janelle Pierangelino’s audio assignment. She picked a very common movie and the flaw of the story is creative and professional. The transitions in the recording are amazing! I did that same audio assignment and you guys can find it in the assignment bank under audio’s genre. Check out Janelle’s audio and visit her blog post here Visit Original


Final Process with the Radio Show Project “The Noir Buzz”

Today we finalized the final edits of the project. It was really hard and took long to edit it since we are two members in the group only. Putting things together and recording it was hard but we were able to finish it up and pick the write music and commercials that relates to our characters. We had to rerecord something because of trouble with audacity but we figured it out and finished that project in 3 days! You guys should tune up after break to listen to it.



The Noir Buzz Radio Show Group Report

The Noir Buzz!

In our group there is Dalina, Stephen, Peter, Carolina, and Sahar (me). The show is about celebrity gossip and it will involve our characters that we made as the celebrities we will be presenting throughout the show. We are planing to create musics and adds as well for our project. Our show will be around 30 mins and we will divide the work between member’s in terms of who is good at what and use google docs, email, and twitter to contact each other.

The bumper I made for the project shows kind of what we will be talking about where some of us will be the presenters where others will do the editing and work on the ads.

In terms of how the group will be meeting. I have created a survey monkey link for my group members to go select all the times possible to meet during next to make sure we have enough time to edit and do the rest of work. I also shared that on the google doc that I have created. I shared this google doc with my professors to give us ideas and thoughts and follow up as needed.

Stay connected to get more updates about the project.

Here is the bumper sticker once again.



Copyright & Creative Commons

My own impression of copyright low, fair use doctrine and the creative commons movement?

Copyright is very important for the owner but not as much for receivers. Sharing my work with other to share knowledge doesn’t mean they can use my work without referring it to me. I have had a bad experience with some social media app when I had posted pictures I have taken myself to find it on another account where the person have used it referring the pictures to himself instead of tagging me. After what happened I stopped posting pictures for a while till I found an app where you can sign your picture of video with your name. Copy rights are very important and not everyone these days go by it. No matter how much they inform on it. People don’t like to pay to listen to music or watch movies. They like to download things for free. Use other people work without referencing them. I think their no single way in how to stop this issue from continuing. People need to realize themselves that what they are doing is wrong and unethical. I’m defiantly with copyrights being enforced.