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Sara Sparkel Interview with DS106 Folks!

I loved all the interview questions! All of them :D Idid pick 10 of the questions. It is also a good opportunity to give away more information about myself. I loved the questions Bond and Burtis posted because it reflects on me a lot and I can be more open about them I have also used some of Black’s questions which were very unique. I wish I can use some of grooms Questions but for the theme I was going for it was a little hard and the video downloader I had only download things out of Youtube. I could have used some of Grooms is the video was easier to download. In general the questions gave out a lot about me and how I think. It was personal in a level but I only answered questions that work with the flow of the interview I hope you Enjoy it!


Inspired by Lauren Falkenstein Audio 4

Lauren’s Blog Post

I have been amazed by the work Lauren is doing specially this assignment. The way she advertised was amazing because she included everything a person want to know about our school to make them want to apply. It inspired me because it is obvious she spend so much time working on it and more planning. I’m inspired by the amount of work she put in there to make this a success.

Inspired by Gyeore Lee Video 3


I have been looking through today’s daily create and looking at other people work inspires us to do better! Gyeore’s video for today’s daily create assignment March 14, 2015. The level of profesincy in taking the video and the music theme is amazing and incradple. I always look at the best turned in assignment and try to do better to inspire myself to do better and Gyeore;s video was one of those. check her youtube or blog to find out!

Inspired by Thomas Baird Design 2

Counting Stars (Guess The Song)

This design he created is mazing because it is precise, accurate and simple. He explained his thought process in an organize manner of expression or detail. He did simple touches and edited photos by cutting images and applying them together using softwares. He inspired me to make the designs I will create later include my character image to get her out there more. I will also try to include images over each other and include them over each other and edit more not only with colors and themes but also cutting and inserting pictures together.