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Job Opportunity Made Sara and Jeffery meet!

Earlier this week I have created the resume that was a 3 stars assignment based on this job opportunity here is the link for it.

This is a 4 stars assignment that Mariam Khan and Sahar Alkhelaifi collaborate to do the assignment in both of the characters Jeffery Davidson “Mariam’s character” and Sara Sparkle “Sahar’s character.”

Sara has been checking new job offers in NYC to leave LA and be close to her family when she ran into a Craigslist post by Jeffery for new entertainment job offering at the bar he works at.

Sara immediately emailed Jeffery to apply and attached her resume. They have been communicating through emails to fill out the applications. Jeffery was very professional and responsive. Sara will be interviewed this coming week for her interview with Jeffery. Sara believes this is a life-changing event that could actually make her forget about the trouble she got in LA and the few days that she spent in Jail for a crime she didn’t actually commit. Jeffery gave her a hope that she might get the job and live with her family.

​​For Jeffrey hiring Sara eased up his load at work so he was very happy that he received a respond so quickly to his craigslist ad. After reviewing Sara’s resume he was extremely pleased with the work experience she has and believes she will make a great addition to his team.

We came up with many other ideas for how our two characters could work together in the future and are excited to see what the future holds for their relationship.

Here are the e-mails we have been sending and for better view click on here!

Job Opening