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Sara Sparkel Interview with DS106 Folks!

I loved all the interview questions! All of them :D Idid pick 10 of the questions. It is also a good opportunity to give away more information about myself. I loved the questions Bond and Burtis posted because it reflects on me a lot and I can be more open about them I have also used some of Black’s questions which were very unique. I wish I can use some of grooms Questions but for the theme I was going for it was a little hard and the video downloader I had only download things out of Youtube. I could have used some of Grooms is the video was easier to download. In general the questions gave out a lot about me and how I think. It was personal in a level but I only answered questions that work with the flow of the interview I hope you Enjoy it!


Dancing in NYC Streets

When I think of dancing, I think of joy and it makes me happy, and if I’m happy and I do it right it will also bring my audience joy and happiness. Dancing in NYC street wasn’t my dream or my only option, I’m doing it for me! My body is my tool and my tool needs to be used otherwise I’m either going to forget how to use it or it will stop working because I haven’t used it for so long. This is why I chose to do this.  I always see great art performances in streets every where I go. I never thought of doing it. My fist morning in NYC after I have left LA was very missy because I have no clue if my plan of getting the job  will work. As I was walking down the in Central Park, A lady dancing was looking at me and telling me to stop and watch. I was impressed by her moves and I know she could be else where getting paid a lot for what she does. but she never quit smiling that whole time I was there. I started dancing with her. I noticed how happy I was and I knew that it doesn’t matter where I’m dancing, what is important is that I’m happy. This is when I started dancing on the streets. I have preformed 3 general types of dancing and placed a song over it that would fit all 3 styles. I did jazz classic dancing, belly dancing, and Flaminco. Enjoy!



This is My Story!

So for those of you who don’t know me. You should watch this video to get a general idea of who is Sara Sparkel and what is it that changed her life. I feel that People only know me from that radio show I was in weeks ago and some post here and there. I have made this quick flashcards about my life. It definitely summarizes the main things about me and also highlights the main things happening in my life recently. I hope this inspire others to do the same because it is definitely a good start to get yourself out there.

16 me has always been right, Hmmm?


I wrote this letter for myself, for 16 year old me. This assignment is worth  4 stars. I have been question myself a lot lately about my decisions and wondering what could I have done differently that would change were I ended up right now. I wasn’t blaming myself in my letter as much as wondering. I’m not questioning my decisions in terms of how I used to do things just because I’m not that kind of person who would go out and try new stuff every time. Maybe this why I was too committed to dancing and didn’t spend my time doing other things that can as interesting and as fun. I think you should watch to know more. 

Sara Sparkle



It is all about inspiration

I have chose to answer some of the questions about me in the interview and one question really got me and made me do this assignment. This is a 3 star assignments. As a child I have always loved Sade. Sade’s style of music is amazing. The themes she usually uses in her songs is romance. Classic music is her thing and her voice is the inspiration. For my, the deepness and softness in her voice implies what life character she is. Sade is an independent women who is also very sensitive and emotional. When she sings, her songs imply Joy and commitment.  Sade’s voice remains unique for ever and ever to me. This is one of my favorite songs for her and I want to commit this for Sade who I have never seen, but her character definitely  is engaged in my life up to this day.

Sara Sparkle,




This a short video of when I left LA on my way to the airport until my arrival to NYC. While I was in the plane, the idea of leaving LA broke something on me and it seemed like all my life dreams have been smashed. I never thought I will be leaving LA in just a short notice to go to NYC for a job interview that I’m not even that sure I will be getting. Even if I do, I don’t know how happy I will be preforming at a bar. I was a star. I might not be very famous, but I have at least started to bring my name to light in LA as a dancer. Not any a good one. At the same time being back and spending time with my daughter will be amazing. I think I can handle anything to be with her and watch her grow with my mom. As happy as I was seeing my mom and daughter, I couldn’t help not being able to know what to do next. At the same time, I’m sure it is for the best. Here is the footage starting with me leaving LA and going to NYC. Have fun watching it.




How I Met Your Mother Trailer- Video assignment

This is a 4 star assignment to create a trailer for a Tv show of my choice. I picked How I Met Your Mother. It is by far the most amazing TV show I have watched. I enjoyed making this video and trying to remember funny scenes, look them up, download them and cut parts and past it to create the trailer you will watch. I used I movie to edit, cut and add transitions. It took a long time but it was defiantly worth it. It is amazing how I still find these scenes funny and laugh over and over as I was doing this. Here you go and enjoy! :D


Video Essay Critical Analysis

I have made a chretical analysis in this scene from the film “Kiss Me Deadly” I used what I have read from  “How to Read a Movie” article and also the different videos from Youtube.

This is a 1 minute scene that I had to slow down so I can describe as much as possible of the different cinematography techniques used in this scene. The camera shots was a big part. Positivity and Negativity appear throw out the seen. Viewer could tell the type of relationship the characters have with each other just by looking at this short scene. This is why techniques are important in films. Here is the Video  Essay I created to kind of summaries the scene techniques.


Sara’s Dance Journey

This is a 4 stars assignment and it should include clips from artists live performances and make them into a music video! I have spent at least 5 hours making this video. I chose this video assignment because it is the best way to describe my character and get her out there more. It gives a short summery for her professional dancing level and show how much she is attached to this type of art. I chose different techniques of dancing for each part of the video to kind of show how professional she is. I have chose to split each of the photos with a video and then go back to a photo just to rest the viewer eye and give a hint about the next technique used. There were lots of edits to  include it terms of video or picture lightening and and also how fast the video is. I chose this song because it represent love and it is classic fast and slow kind of song which goes well with the videos. I had to change some parts to match what the dance flows like. Here is the Youtube link embedded! Feel free to give feed back.