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New plate License to the New ME!


In honor of our new agency I changed my plate license! I wanted  to be thankful for where I’m today and how this helped me become the new me! I was afraid that if I move back to New York that I would lose all my dreams and I will not be famous again. I was so close to be my own thing but now I’m even closer! Thanks to my busniess partner Rose King and thank for our agency Sparkling!

Here is my new plate license and the new me!

Visit our agency site at: http://sparkling.saharalkhelaifi/agency


Newspaper Design Assignment

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.47.58 PMThis is a design assignment that is worth 3 stars and asks us to design a newspaper. I have choose this assignment because I wanted o challenge myself and make things I have not done before like creating a newspaper cover page story. I went an extra step and used another character my classmate Dalina have created as well as my character. I made a story involving a noir theme and what our characters as stars would end up in. Feel free to check it out and for better view I have uploaded the picture in flicker feel free to check it out:









For starters, I took this picture this Friday at the gift shop in the Fine Arts Museum down in Richmond. We used to have some of those at our house and my grandma used to always point at them and say “They look the same but they have different sizes but together they are equal and unique. You cannot separate them if one goes missing the whole set will ruined.” I have lost of the 7 pieces we had at home and every time I look at then I know one is missing because each one has a different size. This is what made me pick this object to represent unity.




This peace is also at the Fine Arts Museum in Richmond. This one represents balance. The way the rabbit is held from the middle shows how to balance an object. I thought this was a unite peace at the museum. The golden rabbit arms and legs and the way they balance each other. All these details show balance in the design.





These are some paintings I have purchased recently to decorate my bedroom They colors actually represent each season. Starting from the left brown represents fall season, red represents summer, green represents spring, and the blue represents winter. I decided to put them this way because brown represent the problems I go through in life, red represents the same issues going bigger, green represents the solutions, and blue represents the new thoughts I develop in life. It is a way to cheer me up no matter what I go through in life. I guess the colors here have to go together otherwise something will seem missing, either to much dark colors or to much bright colors. The right balance of the colors makes these paintings standout. This is what I chose to represent colors.




This add was hanged around campus about an event coming soon. The way they used the paint and brush in the middle of a bottle is unique. I don’t see it that much. I’it a little hard to guess what they were going for from the first glance at it. After a while of looking at it I noticed they where going for how art makes simple things amazing and standout. The reason what I picked this one for rhythm is because of the lines the are going around the can. This design made the can and the words pop-out and catch the viewers attention not only because of the can’s size and the fact that it is in the middle of the paper but the rhythm going around it made it unique and simple.