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At Groom’s Mother House – #9

By this time we’re back in Los Angeles, California..After finding the man in the background Rose and I were on our way to Groom’s mother’s house to find more clues. As we approach the house we see his mother out gardening. We walk towards and she welcomes us in her home. While we’re in her home she offers us cookies and tea. The atmosphere in the house felt dry, lonely, and dark. It’s as if there hasn’t been much going on since Groom disappeared. She was so happy and thrilled to see us and this shows from hospitality. It seems long since the last time someone visited her after Groom’s disappearance.


A few moments later after chatting about her garden we ask her a series of questions. The first thing we ask her is if she had seen groom. She replied with a sigh and a very content, “No”.

We then ask if she had any where abouts of his disappearance. She didn’t even know he disappeared. She thought he ran away from home….

She then asked us who would take him and why?!

We told her we aren’t sure ourselves and are trying to get to the bottom of it. She asked us,”Why do you care to look for him?”
Rose told her,”…..he holds the key to important information in ds106…and if we don’t find him there will no longer be a ds106.”

So she grabs Rose’s and my hand, looks us in the eye, and says,”….I need my son….d-s-1-0-6 for…… life…..and without Groom..there will be no life…”

She told us to follow her to his room. She says,” He used to play with his action figures in here….maybe here is where you can find more clues.”

I came across a deck of cards so Rose handed them to me to take a look at it. While going through them I saw that Misha’s name on them. So we asked ourselves,”Why does Groom have a deck of cards?”


I remembered that a long time ago that her other ex-boyfriend was talking about a person that called himself the Groomster. ….What the heck is up with me and all these ex boyfriends of hers?!…

We were definitely on to something…. So we planned to meet up with the private investigator again the next morning at a public place….


More Clues

Whoever this person is!He seems to be toying around! :O He says in order to find Groom we need to use art. But why is he on our tracks?! really creepy! mostly me since Rose doesn’t seem to be the target! My guess is that we’re on a time limit. Either we find Groom first or this guy gets to us and groom is gone forever! :'(

Rose’s  photographer sent her this disturbing image. She came running to my hotel suite to show me.

man in back ground

“He was following You this whole time….We can’t let him think that I’m looking for Groom otherwise he’ll be after me too!” That what Rose told me and I definitely agree! He can’t know otherwise our whole plan is destroyed!

So we Started thinking and Rose said “Where could groom be?! Why would anyone be after him?” I never asked myself this question! All  what I was going for Who is Misha? and how does he know about me here and should I be worried about my life!

So the next day we planned to go to Groom’s mom’s house.. It was where he was last seen alive….

Apparently he was living there! This is so complicated but our next stop should be Groom’s mother house!


Who are we?

Rose King is a Country music artist from Tennessee and Sara Sparkle is a talented dancer. They collaborated together in a formal event and now together they are SparKling.

What we do? 

We do live events all around The United States. You can find out more click Here!

When we Started?

Our agency is still new and we have only done few events! We are looking for something bigger than this and we believe is just the start! We know it will be more than just a national agency. It will be global in no time! :D


SparKling Mission Statement



“Our mission is to spread love and happiness all around our country in a professional way.”


“We will be the world largest performance group and spread our cultures and traditions”


  • We encourage innovation.
  • We take responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction.
  • We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, and efficient live performance Group.
  • Make a difference in the way art is delivered to the audience.
  • Being accountable and cheerful group.


We Hope that one day no matter where we will be, this agency with be number 1! 


New plate License to the New ME!


In honor of our new agency I changed my plate license! I wanted  to be thankful for where I’m today and how this helped me become the new me! I was afraid that if I move back to New York that I would lose all my dreams and I will not be famous again. I was so close to be my own thing but now I’m even closer! Thanks to my busniess partner Rose King and thank for our agency Sparkling!

Here is my new plate license and the new me!

Visit our agency site at: http://sparkling.saharalkhelaifi/agency


Dreamer or Quitter QUIZ!

I have been question myself a lot lately wither I’m a dreamer or a quitter based on events on my life! I found out I’m not a quitter!

I want to share this life events with fellow class mates since we are starting our agencies and we are so excited! Take this short quiz and share what you get with us :)

I’m sure all questions apply to everyone!


Here is the link


Must go to Places!

I have arranged a Pinit lest of places I want to go to. I have been so far to few and my next stop this summer will be New Zealand! :)

Since summer is on the way, and I know all my fellow DS106 need a brake from a long semester. I have arranged for you some places that you MUST visit.

First Ask yourself, Have I been to Europe? Have I been to France? Have I been to New Zealand? Have I been to Canada? Have I been to Jordan?  Have I been to Hawaii?

If you have answered any of these questions with no, you MUST check my pint it site! I have a tour guide in places that are very unique and they are must visit places!

What is awesome about these places you get to learn new cultures and languages! You will enjoy trying different food. and walk around very amazing views!

But before you pick any, remember, you have to make this your dream trip! Go with your best friend or your partner and enjoy every second of it. You should also keep in mind nothing is impossible and you can do and go where ever you want! You shouldn’t overwhelm yourself with expenses pick the places you can afford going to!

If you have only 1 week of vexation and you don’t have enough time to issue your visa, I have got you covered. I have few places that are must visit in the United states! Pick your favorite places and live the moment! Don’t let anything stop you, Life is too short to wait!



Sara Sparkel Interview with DS106 Folks!

I loved all the interview questions! All of them :D Idid pick 10 of the questions. It is also a good opportunity to give away more information about myself. I loved the questions Bond and Burtis posted because it reflects on me a lot and I can be more open about them I have also used some of Black’s questions which were very unique. I wish I can use some of grooms Questions but for the theme I was going for it was a little hard and the video downloader I had only download things out of Youtube. I could have used some of Grooms is the video was easier to download. In general the questions gave out a lot about me and how I think. It was personal in a level but I only answered questions that work with the flow of the interview I hope you Enjoy it!



This week I have done 10 comments. All of the posts I have viewed from many blogs are amazing. People have been really putting too much time and effort on this. Here are the links for the comments:

Dancing in NYC Streets

When I think of dancing, I think of joy and it makes me happy, and if I’m happy and I do it right it will also bring my audience joy and happiness. Dancing in NYC street wasn’t my dream or my only option, I’m doing it for me! My body is my tool and my tool needs to be used otherwise I’m either going to forget how to use it or it will stop working because I haven’t used it for so long. This is why I chose to do this.  I always see great art performances in streets every where I go. I never thought of doing it. My fist morning in NYC after I have left LA was very missy because I have no clue if my plan of getting the job  will work. As I was walking down the in Central Park, A lady dancing was looking at me and telling me to stop and watch. I was impressed by her moves and I know she could be else where getting paid a lot for what she does. but she never quit smiling that whole time I was there. I started dancing with her. I noticed how happy I was and I knew that it doesn’t matter where I’m dancing, what is important is that I’m happy. This is when I started dancing on the streets. I have preformed 3 general types of dancing and placed a song over it that would fit all 3 styles. I did jazz classic dancing, belly dancing, and Flaminco. Enjoy!