The two movies I picked to watch were Killer’s kiss and He Walked By Night. They are dark and dramatic. The films are so violent and sexual and the French inspirits that. There is a seen in the Killer’s Kiss film where the women was kidnaped and while her lover was trying to save her. He told one of the guys who kidnapped her to untie her. The guy who unties he bite her nick and they all attacked him. It shows love and violent in one seen. The other seen was from He Walked By Night where the movie begins with an officer being shot by another man who was asked to show his identification cards. The movie is dramatic and violent. And the whole movie is about finding the suspect. These are some examples of noir.




Write What You Cannot Say

Once upon a time, in a far land where only Birds live. There was a Caregiver chicken who was hired to take care of the old poet duck and make sure he is stable and take his painkillers on time.

“Can I get you anything before I live. Mr.Duck” Chicken said while getting ready to leave.

Mr.Duck did not reply;

“Mr.Duck  you need to talk! I’m afraid this will not help with your sickness” Chicken said worried.

Mr.Duck looked at the Chicken and shaker his head to tell her he does not need anything.

” Okay Mr.Duck I’m gonna leave you know but I promise if you just go back and start writing poems again, you will feel better and decontaminate” Chicken continued”I left your notebook and a pen at the table next to you, you might want to start tonight.”

When the Chicken left the Duck alone that night dusk was falling, and it was raining hard. Mr.Duck kept staring at the rain falling from the window facing his bed.

He looked at the notebook and started Writing,

“The colors she brought to my life, 

The joy to brought to my home,

The happiness she brought to my life,

Because of you I write again,

Because of you I want to live again,

Take me in your hands…

Love me with your heart…

your soul…

and your eyes…

Lovesick Duck!”

Mr.Duck that night closed his eyes and never opened them back again…



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Random Words are: Caregiver, Poet, Chicken, Duck, Painkiller, Decontamination, Colors, Happy, Lovesick, Because






When it starts snowing and we start gather around the fireplace and drink warm hot chocolate I know it is time for my favorite holiday. When I see the red, green, and white color combined I think of joy, excitement, and gathering. When I smell Cinnamon candles in the house, I know it must be Christmas we are all waiting for. I feel fresh and good when decorating Christmas tree. Picking the decorations colors and shapes, whether we should go with stars or snowflakes to decorate. And out of all this my favorite part of-course is the time where we all gather around to open our gifts that granny, grandpa picked with love. I wish every day of the year is Christmas!


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Pilgrim after his last dance at the arcade noticed he still like Ramona, but he relies that Ramona already came back for him.

“Are you crazy?” Pilgrim’s friend said after she saw Ramona. “I won’t let you destroy yourself for her anymore”.

The two girls put up a big fight and destroyed the place.

Ramona said “I’m here to worn you guys not to get back with Pilgrim”

“UCH! That hurts”Pilgrim .

the grounds started shaking the place got destroyed! Big fire!

“Pilgrim run away” Ramona said screening, “They are here to get you run!”

Two creepy guys existing a airship

“That’s him go get him!”

Pilgrim tried to escape through the Wreckage!

No one knows if they are still alive…


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Sara Sparkle was born in February 13, 1990 in New York City. Sara lives in Las Vegas and works as a professional dancer at  five star casino. She has a 2 year old daughter Ivy who lives with Sara’s mother in Brooklyn. Sara started dancing when she was 6 years old and this developed to be her carrier when she was 21 years old. She is very outgoing talented lady. She loves fashion and like to keep up. Her favorite colors are black and velvet. Keep up to get to know sara better!







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